2017-12-20 Update

Coveo Relevance Cloud

New Add a Web Source Panel

The Add/Edit a Web Source panel has been redesigned. Several crawling options have been added for fine-tuning.

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Include Confluence Archived Spaces

You can now make Confluence archived spaces searchable. In the Add/Edit a Confluence Cloud Source panel, under Content to Include, specify the status of the spaces of which you want to retrieve the content.

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Sitemap Web Scraper

You can now configure web scraping in the Add/Edit a Sitemap Source panel. Just like in the Add/Edit a Web Source panel, the Sitemap Web scraping configuration feature lets you specify web page parts to ignore for the desired source, such as page headers and footers.

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Query Pipeline Filters

You can now enter hidden query expressions to be added to all queries going through the related query pipeline. This feature is useful when a query expression should apply to all queries sent from a certain search interface or widget (e.g., don’t show the current case record in the search results of an agent panel).

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Improved Log Filtering

On the Log Browser (platform-ca | platform-eu | platform-au) page, there are two ways to filter logs by URI and display the logs corresponding to a specific item. You can either click a log of the desired item, and then click Filter by URI, or, if you have already copied an URI to your clipboard, you can paste it in the Search an exact item URI filter box.

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