2017-12-06 Update

Coveo Relevance Cloud

Include Exchange Enterprise Content

Use the Exchange Enterprise source to retrieve the content of Microsoft Exchange mailboxes and make it searchable. This content can be public, private, or secured (see Content Security).

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Include Box Business Content

You can now use the Box Business source to add shared or secured enterprise content, and therefore make your Box instance searchable.

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Reworked Limits Tabs

The Limits tabs of the Settings panel have been redesigned. The limits set in the selected organization license are now displayed in boxes. Your usage of certain features is now available, which makes it easier to determine at a glance whether you should upgrade your Coveo license to better cover your needs.

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Include Sitemap Content Protected by Form-Based Authentication

Form-based authentication for Sitemap sources is now supported. To make content protected by form-based authentication searchable, provide the required data in the Form Authentication section of the Add a Sitemap Source panel.

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Reworked Add/Edit a Field Panel

The Add/Edit a Field panel has been redesigned so that its features are displayed in a more user-friendly fashion. Additionally, the Edit a Field panel now shows which source uses the selected field, and it’s possible to edit some parameters of the default fields, which was not allowed before.

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Reworked Jira Quick View

The default Quick View of Atlassian Jira items has been simplified so that the most important information stands out.

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