Use the Coveo Atomic Library

What’s Coveo Atomic?

The Atomic UI Library is still in early development. New releases may include breaking changes until the official release of Atomic V1. Additional documentation and tutorials will be available at that time. Stay tuned!

Coveo Atomic is a web component library for assembling responsive, accessible, and future-proof Coveo-powered search UIs. Atomic components are self-encapsulated, composable, and lightweight. Under the hood, Atomic relies on the Coveo Headless library to interface with the Coveo Platform and handle the search application state.

Diagram showing where Headless fits with Atomic and the APIs

When Should I Use Atomic?

Atomic is an ideal option if you want to quickly assemble a feature-rich Coveo-powered search interface without having to implement all of its UI components on your own.

If you intend to use your own search UI component library to interface with the Coveo Platform, then you should use the Coveo Headless Library instead.

If you want to assemble a search UI in a Coveo for Salesforce implementation, you should use Quantic, our library of Lightning Web Components built using the Coveo Headless Library.

The following interactive example uses Coveo Atomic to create a simple search page.

Where Do I Start?

To learn the basics of the Atomic library, see the Usage section.

You may also want to check out the Reference section.

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