Coveo for Sitecore 5 is now available!

Release Notes for October 2017 -

The initial October 2017 release was However, due to an issue concerning misconfigured CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing) headers when using cookies for authentication for Cloud users, it had to be hotfixed to

The official October 2017 release is (see Release Notes for October 2017 Minor Release -

If you are currently using CORS on your website, you need to manually add your CORS headers before applying this fix.

This release includes the v1.2537.33 and v2.2900.23 versions of the JavaScript Search Framework (see July 2017 Maintenance Release (v1.2537.33) and July 2017 Maintenance Release (v2.2900.28))

This page summarizes the new features and bug fixes introduced in the Coveo for Sitecore October 2017 release (

To download the October 2017 release, see Downloads.

For the upgrade procedure, see Upgrading from Coveo for Sitecore 4.1 September 2017 ( to October 2017 (

Issue number New features Documentation
SC-1058 Added two new helper methods to set a multi-value field value regardless of its format Multi-Value Field - Migrating from On-Premises to Cloud Version
SC-2162 Added rule names to Query Filter and Query Ranking components in the UI of the Experience Editor  
SC-2199 Qualify Sitecore 8.2 update 5 Supported Sitecore Versions and Dependencies
Issue number Bug fixes

Added a user-friendly error message for when the Coveo Cloud platform is unavailable

SC-925 ErrorCode is now considered valid only when the Handle entity for the GetSecurityProvider and GetSource calls does not exist

Removed unnecessary calls to the Coveo Cloud platform

SC-1687 Fixed issue responsible for hiding search page components when the query returned no results
SC-1750 Fixed issue causing the platform to be called twice by changing an IEnumerable GetFieldsto a List
SC-1856 Fixed issue causing many platform calls when adding a new user in Sitecore
SC-1869 Fixed issue allowing direct use of the EncryptionKeys file by the CreateAuthorizationStateCookie
SC-1870 Enable collapse button option now displays a message to show that it is deprecated
SC-1884 Fixed issue preventing keywords typed in a standalone search box to get logged in Sitecore xDBAnalytics
SC-1915 Fixed issue preventing the recommendation column to disappear on mobile
SC-2105 Validated that the Fieldname entered in the Sort Component box is linked to an existing field

Fixed issue where standalone searchbox ML query suggestions appeared on different pages

SC-2141 Fixed issue where page with the option ''Disable Security Permissions on Documents'' had the wrong title
SC-2173 Fixed issue where no error message was shown in the UI forUpdate Security Cache and Clean up Unused Resources actions
SC-2174 The missing item and section were added to the Coveo Search Box Settings for Coveo Legacy components
SC-2213 Fixed issue where CoveoForSitecoreExpression was registered twice when using RelatedQuery - expression for language filtering is now included only once
SC-2230 Fixed issue where the UseForRanking flag was not set in the Sitecore configuration, causing the attribute to be send as TRUE to the cloud platform
SC-2240 Rebuild now finishes successfully even though a message error might still appear
SC-2241 Fixed issue causing first rebuild to fail after an upgrade on 4.1
SC-2242 Fixed issue where alphabetical sort options were not displayed in the facet option
SC-2245 Warning messages now show up in Coveo Hive about obsolete IParametersHelper from Legacy UI
SC-2252 Fixed issue causing Boolean Parameter to fail when using equality
SC-2253 Fixed issue where new external content in Tab feature included External Content Collection even in Cloud
SC-2269 Fixed issue where a Sections folder in the templates of Coveo Hive was not part of the branches
SC-2277 Fixed issue where URL was not updated with queries on a Coveo Hive search page

Fixed issue where queries on a Coveo Hive global searchbox were not done on the search page although they appeared in the URL

SC-2289 Fixed issue where layout option on tab did not work by changing Tab Layout to Droplink
SC-2290 Added missing Coveo Hive folder icons
SC-2293 Fixed issue where relevancy and date sort components did not show when editing a legacy search component in the Experience Editor

Fixed issue where Explore mode did not work with a Coveo Hive Search Page

SC-2299 Fixed issue where CoveoForSitecoreBindWithUserContext was broken when not including the Coveo User Context resource in the Example search interface
SC-2315 Non user-friendly error message displayed in case of API key creation failure was changed to a more user-friendly text
SC-2341 Fixed issue by configuring the SearchHub for Coveo Hive