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Release Notes for July 2016 - 4.0.290

This page summarizes the new features and fixed support cases introduced in the Coveo for Sitecore July 2016 release (4.0.290).

To download the July 2016 release, see Downloads.

For the upgrade procedure, see Upgrading from June 2016 (4.0.222) to July 2016 (4.0.290).

New features Documentation
[Fields] Support per-index computed fields and field map Managing Fields for a Specific Index
[LINQ] Add an extension to provide the metadata from the results (duration, didyoumean, etc)  
[Configuration Panel] Add a panel to specify the FarmName setting Coveo for Sitecore Scaling Guide
[UI] Update Facet parameters Facet Component Properties
[UI] Adjust Querybox properties  Search Component Properties
[Rules] Add a rule for “Where specific field value is between value1 and value 2” Rule Set Editor Boosting and Filtering Rules Reference
[UI] Make the Sort Field Picker scalable Search Component Properties
[Diagnostic Page] On a new Cloud Installation, show a better Rest Endpoint error   
[Content Delivery] CleanUpAfterRebuildAgent shouldn’t be run by content delivery servers nor on-premises setup  
[Top Results] Split TopResults synchronization per AdminService connection  
[License] Download license from the Cloud when using the Synchronize button from the Control Panel  Upgrading Your License
[Component] Create a Page View component to log view events in UA  Logging View Events
[Cloud] Improve the WaitAndRetry to handle different error type with specific Interval and retry count  
[Clean Up After Rebuild] Modify the on-premises rebuild to include committed transactions in rebuild time  
[Logging] Trace mode logs too many traces for AbstractCloudObject.GetProperty()  
[PageView] Add the icon to the page view components  
[PageView] Add contentIDKey, contentIDValue, contentType Logging View Events
[License] Update Customer Agreement for Coveo for Sitecore 4 Package Logging View Events
[Fields] Delete fields using batch   
[PageView] Should use the script’s version instead of outputting one  
[Logging] Improve logging in the HttpClient  
[Indexing] Exclude the “Bucket folder” and “Media folder” templates by default Upgrading from June 2016 (4.0.222) to July 2016 (4.0.290)
[Cloud] Use a virtual query pipeline for polling queries  
[Cloud] Set the Active Directory name by default to a fixed name Upgrading Configuration Files