Coveo for Sitecore 5 is now available!

Release Notes for January 2017 - 4.0.895

This release includes the 1.1550.11 version of the JavaScript Search Framework (see October 2016 Maintenance Release (v1.1550.11)).

This page summarizes the new features and fixed support cases introduced in the Coveo for Sitecore January 2017 release (4.0.895).

To download the January 2017 release, see Downloads.

For the upgrade procedure, see Upgrading from December 2016 (4.0.780) to January 2017 (4.0.895).

Issue number New features Documentation
SC-806 Support setting originLevel3 when redirected from a searchbox  
SC-1005 Implement batching for Cloud item indexing  
SC-1007 Prevent permissions from being pushed when AnonymousPermissionsProvider is set  
SC-1273 Add the icon for Coveo Fields Resources   
SC-1339 Leverage user context for Coveo™ Machine Learning Recommendations Inserting and Customizing a User Context Component
SC-1365 Add identity verification when indexing item securities  
SC-1377 Refactoring of HtmlContentInBodyWithRequestsProcessor  
SC-1383 Change name of ActiveDirectorySecurityProvider to CascadingSecurityProvider  
SC-1413 Block queries coming from the quickview indexing process Performing Search Queries when Indexing Page Content
SC-1414 Add warning when a query comes from a computed field  
SC-1415 Compile PageEditorDeferRefresh using TypeScript  
SC-1448 Add sysfiletype to default config  
SC-1466 Adapt the warning message in the Diagnostic Page when the field limit is reached  
SC-1488 Replace the DeleteDocumentAndChildren with the batch call   
SC-1490 Add LINQ extensions to use the Advanced and Constant expressions Coveo LINQ Extensions
SC-1492 Qualify Sitecore 8.2 update 1 Supported Sitecore Versions and Dependencies
SC-1497 Add Sitecore credentials validation during installation phase  
SC-1503 Prevent duplicates in indexing batches  
SC-1536 Qualify Sitecore 8.2 update 2 Supported Sitecore Versions and Dependencies
Issue number Bug fixes
SC-975 Removed warning when using LINQ GetCoveoQueryResults
SC-1009 Fixed rebuild issue with non-facetable numeric fields
SC-1052 Fixed search-as-you-type issue with Coveo Search Box component
SC-1224 Track Recomendations events in Sitecore Analytics
SC-1244 Fixed search box UI glitch involving x button in the default Coveo Search page
SC-1267 Ensure Recommendations component still appears when pipeline is inexistant
SC-1373 Fixed CoveoFieldsHandler escaping issue
SC-1408 Fixed valueCaption issue with facet slider
SC-1444 Removed faulty error logging with HtmlContentInBodyWithRequestsProcessor
SC-1454 Fixed throttling issue in On-Premises setups
SC-1455 Fixed bug when using fields containing special characters in the Default Sort Option
SC-1456 Fixed bug when removing existing Default Sort Option
SC-1462 Fixed Analytics custom data transfer issue
SC-1467 Handle duplicated items in processors 
SC-1469 Fixed bug where coveo-sorts placeholder disappeared
SC-1476 Fixed error when an excluded component in a tab is not on the page
SC-1480 Ensure user security updates also updates roles
SC-1482  Fixed LINQ issue where DefaultNumberOfFacetValues was ignored
SC-1484 Improved error message when proxying call
SC-1495 Fixed Security Provider name when changing username or password
SC-1509 Fixed setting used for the DeletedDocumentPoller
Issue number Case Fixed support cases
SC-1494 00034901 Content Browser Does Not Show Any Data