Coveo for Sitecore 5 is now available!

Release Notes for April 2017 - 4.0.1329

This release includes the 1.2359.7 version of the JavaScript Search Framework (see March 2017 Release (v1.2359.7)).

The initial April 2017 release was 4.0.1258. However, due to a performance issue, it had to be hotfixed. The official April 2017 release is 4.0.1329.

Due to the JavaScript Search Framework introduced in this version, there is a rendering issue for the Sort components in existing MVC-based search pages (see Upgrading from March 2017 (4.0.1088) to April 2017 (4.0.1329)).

This page summarizes the new features and fixed support cases introduced in the Coveo for Sitecore April 2017 release (4.0.1258).

To download the April 2017 release, see Downloads.

For the upgrade procedure, see Upgrading from March 2017 (4.0.1088) to April 2017 (4.0.1329).

Issue number New features Documentation
SC-458 Add a link to the Release Notes in the Developer Resources configuration panel. Embedded Developer and Support Resources
SC-812 Encrypt the value of the Admin Service password in the configuration file.  
SC-1208 Add an installation wizard page to help the user find the relevant installation or upgrade documentation. Installing Coveo for Sitecore
SC-1243 Display the product name in the organization selection drop-down to help identify Sitecore organizations.  
SC-1671 Add a configuration panel to configure the Admin Service.  
SC-1694 Rename the AnalyticsUri configuration setting to analyticsUri. Upgrading from March 2017 (4.0.1088) to April 2017 (4.0.1329)
SC-1809 Update the JavaScript Search Framework to the March 2017 release. March 2017 Release (v1.2359.7)
Issue number Bug fixes
SC-1599 Ensure sourceName is set before sending an Event to the Usage Analytics.
SC-1679 Avoid initialization deadlock when Coveo for Sitecore is installed alongside WFFM.
SC-1728 Prevent delete older than execution if push calls fail.
SC-1739 Force deletion of obsolete latestVersion of an item when a new version is created regardless of the ForceDeleteExcludedItems setting.
SC-1742 Added jQuery to CoveoJsSearch.Dependencies.js.
SC-1803 Updated the computed field obsolete message so it is more meaningful.
SC-1837 Fixed identity deletion PushAPI call.
SC-1871 Prevent modification of a batch when multiple parallel calls add or delete documents.
SC-1883 Removed a useless error logging in browser console with default settings of the Coveo Search Box component.