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Release Notes for September 2016 - 4.0.402

This release includes the 1.667.33 version of the JavaScript Search Framework (see July 2016 Maintenance Release (v1.667.33)).

The initial September 2016 release was 4.0.364. However, due to a JavaScript issue introduced in this version, the release had to be hotfixed. The official September 2016 release is 4.0.402.


This page summarizes the new features and fixed support cases introduced in the Coveo for Sitecore September 2016 release (4.0.402).

To download the September 2016 release, see Downloads.

For the upgrade procedure, see Upgrading from July 2016 (4.0.290) to September 2016 (4.0.402).

New features Documentation
[JavaScript] Reference the new Open Source JavaScript Search Framework 1.667 Coveo JavaScript Search Framework
[Free-Text Search] Add an option to ignore specific sections from item HTML body in HtmlContentInBodyWithRequestsProcessor Ignoring Specific HTML Sections from an Item Body
[External Content] Improve advanced query generation when using external content   
[LINQ] Generate valid Coveo queries for null and empty field values comparison Supported LINQ Operators
[Analytics] Check and update the list of events logged to Sitecore Analytics Available Page Events
[Provisioning] Switching to a new cloud organization should provision it  
[Provisioning] Remove the temporary source creation and use the new call to trigger the immediate provisioning  
[Config] Increase the RequirementsInvalidateDelay Upgrading from July 2016 (4.0.290) to September 2016 (4.0.402)
[Config] Remove all references to the CoveoCleanUpAfterRebuild agent Upgrading from July 2016 (4.0.290) to September 2016 (4.0.402)
[Config] Security Provider update called every time even when there is no change   
Found bugs Affected version Fixed in
[JavaScript] jQuery events are not fired when including another version of jQuery on the same page 4.0.364 4.0.402
Fixed support cases Case
Coveo Cloud API HSTS header should not be propagated 00032537
LINQ randomly breaks with missing client certificate 00032722