Coveo for Sitecore 5 is now available!

Release Notes for March 2018 - 4.0.1639.3

This release includes the 1.2537.43 version of the JavaScript Search Framework (see January 2018 Maintenance Release (v1.2537.43)).

This page summarizes the new features and fixed support cases introduced in the Coveo for Sitecore March 2018 release (4.0.1639.3).

To download the March 2018 release, see Downloads.

For the upgrade procedure, see Upgrading from December 2017 (4.0.1606.8) to March 2018 (4.0.1639.3).

Issue number Enhancement
SC-2281 If new processor AddTemplatesWithLayout is enabled, only templates with layout are indexed.
SC-2469 Sitecore 8.2 update 6 now qualified.
SC-2502 Only disabled entities get counted when reenabling them.
Issue number Bug fix
SC-1109 Ensured only string fields can be used with the includeForFreeTextSearch attribute.
SC-1752 Fixed issue where ConversionHelper would be lost if GetSecurityProvider failed.
SC-1884 Ensured keywords typed in a standalone search box are logged in Sitecore xDB analytics.
SC-2230 Fixed issue where the UseForRanking was set to true when unspecified.
SC-2309 [Experience Editor] Fixed issue causing the Add Here buttons to stop working in the Experience Editor when adding the search box resources.
SC-2410 [Diagnostic Page] Ensured the Expanded Permissions Provider section is not shown when using Coveo for Sitecore on-premises.
SC-2472 Fixed issue causing the installation wizard to fail when a user does not have the right access.
SC-2490 [Facet Sort] Fixed issue preventing some Facet Sort components from working with the default parameters.
SC-2514 [Diagnostic Page] Fixed issue where fields counts were not accurate on the diagnostic page.
SC-2524 Fixed issue where documents would get lost in index after error 502 during rebuild.
SC-2565 Fixed issue causing search pages to show an ASPX error page when there is a server-side error.
SC-2588 Fixed issue causing a search page to fail when using a faulty boosting rule.
SC-2671 Fixed issue where Filter Expression Rules had disappeared in the 4.1 Legacy UI.
Issue number Case Fixed support case
SC-2589 00040886 Fixed issue causing search page to display an error when applying a Sitecore hotfix on Sitecore 8.2.