Coveo for Sitecore 5 is now available!

Release Notes for December 2016 - 4.0.780

This release includes the 1.1550.11 version of the JavaScript Search Framework (see October 2016 Maintenance Release (v1.1550.11)).

This page summarizes the new features and fixed support cases introduced in the Coveo for Sitecore December 2016 release (4.0.780).

To download the December 2016 release, see Downloads.

For the upgrade procedure, see Upgrading from October 2016 (4.0.704) to December 2016 (4.0.780).

Issue number New features Documentation
SC-204 [Fields] Remove default unnecessary indexed fields for Sitecore   
SC-345 [Cloud] Trigger the Delete Old Documents function after a Rebuild  
SC-687 [Troubleshooting] List the unfound out-of-the-box config files in the Diagnostic Page Troubleshooting Problems Using the Coveo Diagnostic Page
SC-810 Use Query Ranking Functions to perform automatic boosting Using Automatic Boosting
SC-955 Add field configuration to find an item ID directly in the Content Browser   
SC-1020 [Filtering] Add a Coveo inbound Filter to exclude items without layouts  
SC-1110 Add the main Web.config and ConnectionStrings.config to the Diagnostic Package   
SC-1132 [On-Premises] Allow other indexes to load even when CES is down  
SC-1142 Show which organization is currently being used in the Sitecore Control Panel Troubleshooting Problems Using the Coveo Diagnostic Page
SC-1261 Add the Coveo Recommendations feature in the License details   
SC-1298 Move the encryption key from the file system to a database to share among a farm instances  
SC-1300 [Tab] Add external sources/collections in the tab UI component properties Displaying External Content in a Tab
SC-1314 Add language fallback properties to Coveo index definition Upgrading from October 2016 (4.0.704) to December 2016 (4.0.780)
SC-1336 [JavaScript] Improve CoveoForSitecore map files  
SC-1336 [TypeScript] Include CoveoForSitecore TypeScript definition files  
SC-1341 Use Query Ranking Functions to perform Sitecore boosting  
SC-1412 Improve bandwidth usage to Coveo Cloud Configuring the Query Rate Limit
SC-1441 [Fields] Add warning in the diagnostic page when the organization approaches the field limit Troubleshooting Problems Using the Coveo Diagnostic Page
Issue number Bug fixes
SC-1092 Fixed issue where indexCommunicationFactory and searchApiUrl were duplicated in the showConfig.aspx
SC-1217 Added missing __Standard Values for some templates
SC-1274 Prevent Coveo Cloud configuration wizard from retrieving license
SC-1290 [Indexing] Fixed issue when indexing recently saved item
SC-1315 Fixed issue when generating Diagnostic Package
SC-1352 [Experience Editor] Fixed issue preventing search from working in the Experience Editor
SC-1375 Fixed issue of the Enter button when including the OmniboxResultList with a Search Interface
SC-1380 Fixed invalid external fields array in FieldsResources files
SC-1381 Fixed an issue with Fields Resources component field name encoding
SC-1388 Added missing type to securityConfiguration node
Issue number Case Fixed support cases
SC-1451 00034664 Initialization error: No SecurityProviderConversionHelper found for index: Coveo_master_index