Coveo for Sitecore 5 is now available!

Release Notes for March 2017 - 4.0.1088

This release includes the 1.1865.18 version of the JavaScript Search Framework (see January 2017 Maintenance Release (v1.1865.18)).

This release of the JavaScript Search Framework made the JQueryStatic and the global jQuery instance unavailable.

When using TypeScript in your integration and relying on jQuery, you now need to implement the following changes:

  • JQueryEventObject should be replaced with Event.
  • Reference jquery.d.ts in your TypeScript project.

This page summarizes the new features and fixed support cases introduced in the Coveo for Sitecore March 2017 release (4.0.1088).

To download the March 2017 release, see Downloads.

For the upgrade procedure, see Upgrading from January 2017 (4.0.895) to March 2017 (4.0.1088).

Issue number New features Documentation
SC-849 Make MaximumAge dynamic after a publish or rebuild  
SC-903 Add option to remove unused resources in Coveo Cloud Cleaning Up Unused Field Resources
SC-919 Validate source endpoint in the Diagnostic Page Troubleshooting Problems Using the Coveo Diagnostic Page
SC-1077 Compress expanded permission security identities  
SC-1306 Add new rules to the Rule Editor Rule Set Editor Boosting and Filtering Rules Reference
SC-1347 Add coveoanalytics comment in Coveo.SearchProvider.config file Upgrading from January 2017 (4.0.895) to March 2017 (4.0.1088)
SC-1363 Update post-installation wizard Installing Coveo for Sitecore
SC-1387 Ensure new search tokens are not requested too often  
SC-1409 Add the main Sitecore.config to the Diagnostic Package with Sitecore 8.1+  
SC-1532 Remove the QUERY_PIPELINE_EDITOR privilege from the API Key  
SC-1541 Validate and update disabled identities in the security cache  
SC-1546 Add warning listing the organization unused fields in the logs  
SC-1568 Update EULA Coveo Terms & Agreements
SC-1654 Prevent multiple query calls from logging in the query count  
SC-1703 Allow the specification of the injection depths for facets in LINQ Understanding the Coveo Search Provider’s Configuration File
Issue number Bug fixes
SC-1522 Ensure users not related to a domain have their permissions pushed
SC-1526 Allow entities absent from Sitecore to be updated in the security cache
SC-1561 Fixed bug where identities were updated when the indexPermissions setting was set to false
SC-1597 Automatically replace invalid characters in user context keys
SC-1610 Fixed bug where Coveo On-Premises organizations were sometimes seen as Coveo Cloud organizations
SC-1630 Fixed bug when reactivating role that is not in a Sitecore domain
SC-1638 Fixed bug where some fields were sometimes not created or created as the wrong type
Issue number Case Fixed support cases
SC-1547 00034970

Index was outside the bounds of the array on LINQ query solved by IIS Reset

The issue was solved by fixing a race condition while initializing an internal cache.