Search API

The Search API exposes services which allow you to create and manage search authentication providers, hosted search pages, and Coveo Cloud query pipelines. Most importantly, the Search API allows you to perform queries on an index.

Search pages based on the Coveo JavaScript Search Framework are powered by the Search API.

Search integrations with the Coveo Platform typically rely on the Coveo JavaScript Search Framework rather than on the Search API (and other APIs) directly.

If, for some legitimate reason, you can’t use the Coveo JavaScript Search Framework in your custom search integration with the Coveo Platform, see Use the APIs to Build a Search UI.

In the Coveo Administration Console, the Content Browser page, as well as all pages under the Search section (see Optimize Search) use the Search API extensively.

The articles in this section cover various Search API concepts and use cases.

Interactive generated reference documentation is also available through Swagger UI (see Coveo Platform API - Search API).

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