Release Notes for February 2018 -

This page summarizes the new features and bug fixes introduced in the Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics 365 February 2018 release (

The initial February 2018 release was However, due to the issues listed below, it had to be hotfixed.

The official February 2018 release is (see Release Notes for February 2018 - Minor Release

This release also includes the following versions:

New Features and Improvements

Starting with this release, Coveo supports Dynamics multi-select option fields (see MultiSelect Option Sets in Dynamics V9.0).

Issue Description Documentation
DYN-326 Added Interface Editor extensions

Search Page Components

DYN-339 Implemented Liquid syntax to interact with Forms Contextual Queries
DYN-342 Implemented Liquid syntax to interact with Forms Contextual Queries
DYN-343 [Insight Panel] Implemented Quick-settings section Search Page Components
DYN-345 [Insight Panel] Implemented facet section Filters Component
DYN-359 Implemented Query components Search Page Components
DYN-360 Implemented injection of case context in query pipeline Insight Context Component
DYN-361 Implemented templates specifically for Insight panels Classic and Insight Panel Search Pages
DYN-362 Migrated QuerySome component $Some Component
DYN-367 Implemented the Interface Creator Creating a Search Page
DYN-374 Added button to add Coveo as a side panel Searching With Coveo in Dynamics
DYN-378 Upgraded to Interface Editor 1.2 Interface Editor
DYN-404 Implemented the loading navigation when first retrieving the configuration
DYN-406 Added Configure Coveo button in Dynamics settings
DYN-411 Implemented color matching

Implemented double-click on search page row to open Interface Editor

Managing Search Pages

Bug Fixes

Issue Description
DYN-212 Display Initial build error status in Sources page
DYN-213 Inadequate troubleshooting message on Dynamics tool - Diagnostic page
DYN-320 String changes
DYN-328 Rebuild and Refresh source options should not appear in the action submenu
DYN-353 Administration Console link should redirect to proper platform
DYN-372 Search token and search page retrieval improvements
DYN-373 [Security] Users with no read privilege on the Coveo configuration are unable to get a search token
DYN-381 Mod-dynamics CSS class should have a form-specific name
DYN-384 Delay after search page creation
DYN-388 Page cache should be resetted when changing the default page
DYN-389 First executed query is empty
DYN-391 Field name is not replaced in the $Some Query component
DYN-392 Entity field of a Coveo Query entity should be mandatory in CRM form
DYN-397 Default page created during initial build contains all tabs
DYN-399 Templates injected in page should depend on page type
DYN-400 Remove Context button is not working when viewed from the Interface Editor.
DYN-403 Indexing a multi-select field does not create its string counterpart
DYN-405 Side panel trigger throws error in the Unified Interface
DYN-413 Rework header in “mobile” view
DYN-419 Disable on non-contextual query should prevent contextual query component from injecting a query
DYN-420 Interface Editor should open after search page creation
DYN-425 Blank config prevents configuration from loading properly
DYN-431 More Tabs button misaligned
DYN-435 Card templates in list result list