Release Notes for May 2017 - 1.0.474.5

This page summarizes the new features and bug fixes introduced in the Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics 365 May 2017 release (1.0.474.5).

This release also includes the JavaScript Search Framework 1.2126.6 (see February 2017 Maintenance Release (v1.2126.6).

New Features and Improvements

Issue Description Documentation


Reformatted the source configuration into a panel with tabs instead of an installation wizard Add/Edit a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Source Panel
DYN-154 Renamed Cloud Platform Admin to Administration Console according to official terminology
DYN-158 No need to re-enter the password for the crawling credentials when editing an existing source Add/Edit a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Source Panel
DYN-159 Fixed the wrong relation name bug causing an invalid schema
DYN-161 Indexing Manager is now the default landing when opening the Configuration tool About the Configuration Interface
DYN-163 Interface pre-selects the first entity and shows its fields when opening the Entity tab in the source configuration Add/Edit a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Source Panel
DYN-165 Changed the color scheme of the configuration tool to set it apart from Coveo Cloud and blend in Dynamics
DYN-170 Performance improvements

Bug Fixes

Issue Description
DYN-107 Minor UI fixes
DYN-143 New sources show up in the Indexing Manager immediately upon creation
DYN-173 Fixed the check box bug preventing users to select/unselect attributes on IE11 and Safari
DYN-178 When creating or editing a source, the text for the Create/Save button changes accordingly
DYN-179 Provide clear feedback to user when source creation fails

Default mappings are no longer overwritten upon source creation

DYN-200 Mappings added from the Cloud administration console are no longer deleted when subsequently editing the source in the Indexing Manager
DYN-210 Fields with more than one underscore in the name are now correctly escaped