Release Notes for April 2018 - 1.1.180418.7

This page summarizes the new features and bug fixes introduced in the Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics 365 April 2018 release (1.1.180418.7).

The initial April 2018 release was 1.1.180418.7. However, due to the issues listed below, it had to be hotfixed.

The official April 2018 release is 1.1.180418.15 (see Release Notes for April 2018 - Minor Release 1.1.180418.15).

This release also includes the following versions:

New Features and Improvements

See also Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics 365 New Features.

Issue Description Documentation
DYN-327 Added flow for search page update Managing Search Pages
DYN-407 Made Dynamics document clickableuri contextual to App in which it is displayed
DYN-414 Ported Navigation components to React-Vapor
DYN-416 Investigated Link to Case component Link To Case Component
DYN-423 Edited strings
DYN-432 Implemented Coveo Query validation when saving
DYN-434 Implemented use of record ID in contextual queries
DYN-436 Implemented Quick Create component Quick Create Component
DYN-450 Implemented Link to Case component Link to Case Component
DYN-452 Implemented formatting of form values before injection in the search
DYN-453 Generated UI component reference documentation on
DYN-463 Made CoveoForDynamics-search-ui available via public npm
DYN-480 Added Link to Case component to the Result Action component Link to Case Component
DYN-481 Interface Editor support for the Link To Case component Link to Case Component
DYN-482 Added component icons

Link to Case Component

Quick Create Component

Full Search Component
DYN-490 Implemented inline help in the Interface Editor
DYN-504 Implemented Insight panel to full search page navigation Full Search Component
DYN-505 Implemented additional quick create component options Quick Create Component
DYN-509 Improved UI controls behavior with addOnChange
DYN-510 Implement option to add quickview in form values Full Search Component
DYN-511 Added missing result template node in Quick Create Quick Create Component
DYN-513 Added "shared" source configuration option Making Dynamics Content Available in a Portal
DYN-514 Improved FetchXML query edition box
DYN-526 Implemented Link To Case log to Usage Analytics
DYN-535 Automated application user creation
DYN-550 Implemented use of CrmLink component by default instead of CoveoResultLink
DYN-553 Implemented Quick Create log to Usage Analytics
DYN-554 Option set fields throws when used in Liquid filters
DYN-563 Added out-of-the-box Liquid Filters
DYN-571 Modified Result Action tooltip format

Bug Fixes

Issue Description
DYN-279 Box displayed when clicking on a condition hides the condition line
DYN-280 Cannot edit a condition with no value after saving the Edit Entity panel
DYN-281 Value still displayed when transforming a condition with a value to Contains/Does Not Contains Data
DYN-364 Error due to status casing
DYN-366 Odd source row behavior
DYN-502 Query validation in the Interface Editor prevents saving some liquid filters
DYN-503 Case result templates are broken
DYN-531 Create New Application User form does not open in a new window with the embedded configuration interface menu