Get Help and Support


Read the documentation for detailed information about installing, managing and customizing Coveo for Dynamics and your Coveo Cloud organization (see Coveo for Dynamics and Coveo Cloud V2).

If you are new to Coveo for Dynamics, start with Getting Started with Coveo for Dynamics.


You are experiencing a problem with Coveo for Dynamics? The solution may already be documented (see Troubleshooting).

There is also a section describing the known issues you may encounter when using Coveo for Dynamics (see Coveo for Dynamics Known Issues).

Online Community

If you cannot find a solution to your Coveo for Dynamics problem or if you have more specific questions, go to the Coveo Q&A site to ask and find answers from the Coveo community (see

If you have a support plan and need immediate assistance, contact Coveo Support to get help and create a ticket.