Entity Conditions

In December 2020, the Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration will reach its end-of-life and will no longer be supported by Coveo. See Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics 365 End-of-Life for details.

One may want to be more specific about which Dynamics content Coveo Cloud indexes (see What’s Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics 365?). For example, a company might have more than a decade of support cases and want to index only the most recent ones since the old cases are irrelevant.

With Coveo Cloud, this can be easily done by specifying conditions on CRM entities.

Specifying Conditions

To specify a condition on an entity that Coveo Cloud crawls

  1. Open the Coveo Cloud Sources page.

  2. Select the source on which to add a condition.

  3. In the table action bar, click Edit.

  4. Select the Entities tab.

  5. In the entity list on the left, select an entity.

  6. In the table Action bar, click Edit.

  7. Select the Conditions tab.


  8. Click Add Filter, and then select an entity on which you want to apply the condition.

  9. Select an operator between the available options (depending on the selected entity): Equals, Does Not Equal, Is Greater Than, Is Greater Than Or Equal To, Is Less Than,Is Less Than Or Equal To, Does Not Contain Data, and Contains Data.

  10. In the Value box, enter a value, and then click Add.

    The Edit <ENTITY_NAME> Entity panel now displays a new Estimated record count.

  11. Click Save.

Editing Conditions

To edit a condition

  1. In the Edit <ENTITY_NAME> Entity panel, click the condition you want to modify.

  2. Edit the condition. To change the entity to which the condition applies, click the arrow pointing left.

    Address 1: City panel

  3. Click Add.

  4. In the Edit Entity panel, click Save.

Deleting Conditions

To delete all conditions applying to an entity at once

  1. In the Edit <ENTITY_NAME> Entity panel, click X next to the filters.

  2. Click Save.

To delete a single condition

  1. In the Edit <ENTITY_NAME> Entity panel, hover over the condition to delete, and then click X that appears next to it.

    Click X

  2. Click Save.

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