Entities and Fields Indexed by Default

In December 2020, the Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration will reach its end-of-life and will no longer be supported by Coveo. See Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics 365 End-of-Life for details.

The following table shows the default entities and fields that Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics 365 indexes by default when you create a Microsoft Dynamics 365 source.

Your system administrator may have changed these default values.

Dynamics is a multilingual platform and field names are thus localized in each individual language. For consistency purposes, the table below lists the schema name that corresponds to the unique identifier of a field (see Entity metadata). The schema name is the same regardless of the language.

Entity Schema name

AccountId, AccountNumber, Address1_City, Address1_Country, Address1_County, Address1_Name, Address1_PostalCode, Address1_StateOrProvince, Address1_Telephone1, BusinessTypeCode, CreatedBy, CreatedOn, Description, EMailAddress1, IndustryCode, ModifiedBy, ModifiedOn, Name, OpenDeal, OpenRevenue, OwnerId, OwningBuisinessUnits, OwningTeam, OwningUser, Revenue


CreatedBy, CreatedOn, Description, Location, ModifiedBy, ModifiedOn, ScheduleEnd, ScheduleStart, Subject


Comments, Content, CreatedBy, CreatedOn, Description, KbArticleId, KeyWords, LanguageCode, ModifedBy, ModifedOn, Number, StatusCode, SubjectID, Title, VersionNumber

Article Comment

CommentText, CreatedBy, CreatedOn, KbArticleId, ModifiedBy, ModifiedOn, Title


CreatedBy, CreatedOn, Description, IsTemplate, ModifiedBy, ModifiedOn, Name, OwnerId, OwningBusinessUnit, OwningTeam, OwningUser, ProposedStart, StatusCode


AccountId, ActivitiesComplete, CaseOriginCode, CaseTypeCode, ContactId, CreatedBy, CreatedOn, CustomerContacted, CustomerId, CustomerSatisfactionCode, Description, IncidentId, IncidentStageCode, InfluenceScore, IsEscalated, KbArticleId, OwnerId, OwningBusinessUnit, OwningTeam, OwningUser, ParentCaseId, PriorityCode, ProductSerialNumber, ResolveBy, ResponseBy, SeverityCode, SocialProfiled, StageId, StateCode, StatusCode, SubjectId, TicketNumber, Title


AccountId, Address1_City, Address1_Country, Address1_County, Address1_PostalCode, Address1_StateOrProvince, Address1_Telephone1, Company, ContactId, CreatedBy, CreatedOn, Department, Description, EMailAddress1, FirstName, FullName, JobTitle, LastName, ManagerName, OwnerId, OwningBuisnessUnist, ParentCustomerID, StatusCode, Telephone1


AccountId, ActiveOn, CancelOn, ContractId, ContractNumber, ContractTemplateId, CreatedBy, CreatedOn, CustomerId, Duration, ExpiresOn, NetPrice, OwnerId, StatusCode, Title, TotalPrice


AttachmentCount, Category, CreatedOn, Description, DirectionCode, EmailSender, InReplyTo, MessageId, ModifiedBy, ModifiedOn, OwnerId, Sender, ServiceId, Subject, ToRecipients, bcc, cc, from, to


CreatedBy, CreatedOn, PriorityCode, RegardingObjectId, ScheduleEnd, StateCode, Subject


ActualString, CreatedBy, CreatedOn, FiscalPeriod, FiscalYear, GoalEndDate, GoalOwnerId, GoalStartDate, InProgressString, MetricId, ModifiedBy, ModifiedOn, OwningBusinessUnit, OwningTeam, OwningUser, ParentGoalId, Percentage, StatusCode, TargetString, Title


CreatedBy, CreatedOn, CustomerId, ModifiedBy, ModifiedOn,Name, OwnerId, OwningBusinessUnit, OwningTeam, OwningUser, StatusCode, TotalAmount

Knowledge Article

ArticlePublicNumber, Content, CreatedBy, CreatedOn, Description, ExpirationDate, ExpirationStateId, ExpirationStatusId, IsLatestVersion, IsPrimary, Keywords, KnowledgeArticleViews, LanguageLocaleId, MajorVersionNumber, MinorVersionNumber, ModifiedBy, ModifiedOn, OwnerId, OwningBusinessUnit, OwningTeam, ParentArticleContentId, PreviousArticleContentId, PublishOn, PublishStatusId, ReadyForReview, Review, RootArticleId, StateCode, StatusCode, SubjectId, Title, VersionNumber, knowledgearticleId, primaryauthorid


AccountId, Address1_City, Address1_Country, Address1_County, Address1_PostalCode, Address1_StateOrProvince, BudgetAmount, CampaignId, CompanyName, CreatedBy, CreatedOn, CustomerId, Description, EMailAddress1, EstimatedAmount, EstimatedCloseDate, FirstName, FullName, IndustryCode, InitialCommunication, JobTitle, LastName, LeadSourceCode, NumberOfEmployees, OwnerId, OwningBusinessUnit, OwningTeam, OwningUser, StateCode, StatusCode, Subject, Telephone1


CreatedBy, CreatedOn, PriorityCode, RegardingObjectId, ScheduledEnd, StateCode, Subject

Marketing List

CreatedBy, CreatedOn, LastUsedOn, ListName, MemberType, ModifiedBy, ModifiedOn, OwnerId, OWningBusinessUnit, OwningTeam, OwningUser, Purpose, Source, StatusCode, Type


AnnotationId, CreatedBy, CreatedOn, DocumentBody, FileName, LangId, ModifiedBy, ModifiedOn, NoteText, OwnerId, Subject, VersionNumber


AccountId, ActualCloseDate, ActualValue, BudgetAmount, BudgetStatus, CloseProbability, CompleteFinalProposal, ContactId, CreatedBy, CreatedOn, CustomerId, Description, EstimatedCloseDate, EstimatedValue, ModifiedBy, ModifiedOn, Name, OpportunityId, OpportunityRatingCode, OwnerId, OwningBusinessUnit, OwningTeam, OwningUser, ParentAccountId, ParentContactId, QualificationComments, StageId, StateCode, StatusCode, TotalAmount


CreatedBy, CreatedOn, C ustomerId, Description, ModifiedBy, ModifiedOn, Name, OwnerId, OwningBusinessUnit, OwningTeam, OwningUser, StatusCode, TotalAmount

Phone Call

CreatedBy, CreatedOn, PriorityCode, RegardingObjectId, ScheduledEnd, StateCode, Subject


Description, HierarchyPath, Name, Price, ProductId, ProductNumber, ProductStructure, QuantityOnHand, StatusCode, SupplierName, ValidFromDate, ValidToDate
Queue Item

CreatedBy, CreatedOn, EnteredOn, ModifiedBy, ModifiedOn, ObjectTypeCode, OwnerId, OwningBusinessUnit, OwningUser, QueueId, Title

Quote AccountId, ClosedOn, ContactId, CreatedBy, CreatedOn, CustomerId, Description, Name, OpportunityId, OwnerId, OwningBusinessUnit, OwningTeam, OwningUser, QuoteId, QuoteNumber, StatusCode, TotalAmount
Sales Literature CreatedBy, CreatedOn, Description, KeyWords, LiteratureTypeCode, ModifiedBy, ModifiedOn, Name, SubjectId
Service CreatedBy, CreatedOn, Description, Duration, ModifiedBy, ModifiedOn, Name
Social Profile Blocked, Created By, Created On, Customer, Influence Score, Modified By, Modified On, Owner, Owning Business Unit, Owning Team, Owning User, Profile Name, Social Channel
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