November 2017 Release (v2.3477.9)

Majors changes

[JSUI-1591] - Update the default templates

Default templates now use a smaller icon, and relevant metadata now appears inline instead of inside a FieldTable component.

For some result types where a lot of metadata is available  (e.g., Case results in Salesforce), the FieldTable component is still used.

This change does not affect custom result templates.

[JSUI-1608] - SimpleFilter component

The SimpleFilter component provides a new, simpler way to enable basic result filtering capabilities in a search page by rendering a drop-down menu with a list of filtering options.

This new component can be useful in deployments that do not require the many options offered by full fledged Facet components.

[JSUI-1811] - New DistanceResources component

The DistanceResources component tries to resolve the geographical position of the end user (i.e., latitude and longitude) in order to automatically create a query function to generate a @distance field.

You can use the @distance field in queries, as well as in conjunction with a FacetRange or FacetSlider component (by setting its field option to @distance), or with a Sort component (by setting its sortCriteria option to @distance).

This component requires your index to contain items with geographical metadata (i.e., items with a @latitude and a @longitude field).

This component supports using either:

  • The web browser built-in location provider.
  • Google Maps Geolocation API (you must provide your own API key).
  • Your own “static” latitude and longitude values.

Using your own latitude and longitude values can be especially useful if you have a backend service that can provide pre-resolved geographical position when the page is rendered (e.g., Sitecore).

This component was previously only available in Coveo for Sitecore; this is a port to make it generally available.

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Resource Script to include
Coveo JavaScript Search Framework (minified)
<!-- Coveo JavaScript Search Framework (with lazy loading) -->
<script class="coveo-script" src=""></script>
<!-- If you prefer to use the eager loading version, use the following link instead -->
<script class="coveo-script" src=""></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href=""/>
Result templates
<script src=""></script>

For more available resources, see CDN Links.

Minor Changes

Issue Number New Feature
JSUI-1414 Support array of string entries in the context
JSUI-1595 Display a warning message when a required component option is not set
JSUI-1597 [ResultFolding] Capture Show more/Show less events in usage analytics
JSUI-1603 Display a friendly message when organization is not done provisioning
JSUI-1604 Send actionsHistory on all search and query suggest calls
JSUI-1658 [Quickview] Allow links to escape sandbox
JSUI-1680 Add new string translations in many languages
JSUI-1741 Add mechanism to try/catch underscore template rendering
JSUI-1785 Remove SearchAlerts component from default search pages
JSUI-1803 [QuerySummary] Recall the search terms in query summary
JSUI-1814 Change default outline styling for result-header section
JSUI-1822 Add Salesforce icon for Report results
Issue Number Bug Fixes

[Facet] Fixed wrong behavior when specifying either alphaAscending/alphaDescending (but not both) as availableSorts


[Facet] Fixed wrong alphabetical sorting when facet values include French accents

JSUI-1642 Fixed issue where query was duplicated when many search boxes were on the same page
JSUI-1687 Fixed unwanted behavior when rendering localized strings without passing arguments, if those strings normally have required parameters
JSUI-1700 Fixed issue where having an OmniboxResultList with a standalone searchbox would always redirect
JSUI-1706 [Breadcrumb] Removed overlapping X in mobile view
JSUI-1722 Ensured PrintableUri component output is never underlined by default
JSUI-1725 [ResultLayout] Fixed wrong caption for List string
JSUI-1727 Fixed issue with Request all fields available option in the debug panel
JSUI-1739 Rename Coveo.configureRessourceRoot function name to Coveo.configureResourceRoot
JSUI-1742 Ensured follow item message is no longer hidden in mobile view
JSUI-1743 [Quickview] Enlarge body content area
JSUI-1766 Ensured you can add more than one Recommendation component under a SearchInterface

Fixed tab navigation issue when using Internet Explorer or Safari

JSUI-1781 Added ResultLayout component layout duplication

Ensured Filetype icons are shown when building on Windows


Fixed gulp coverage issue on Windows


Fixed issue where components registered as external were not properly initialized

JSUI-1813 Added missing CSS class in responsive backdrop
JSUI-1815 Fixed issue where ErrorReport did not reset actions on each new query
JSUI-1826 Fixed condition for SalesforceCase templates
Issue Number Case Fixed Support Case
JSUI-1667 00037450 [HierarchicalFacet] Repeated values appear when scrolling in facet search
JSUI-1669 00037508 [FieldSuggestions] headerTitle option does not render title in Omnibox
JSUI-1775 00038408 Client request to integrate their workaround in the JS Framework next release
JSUI-1777 00038355 [ResultFolding] Show More can display result that should normally be filtered out
JSUI-1819 00039114 Shorten helper doesn’t work
JSUI-1821 00039145 PrintableUri component should split XML parts as different ResultLink components
JSUI-1827 00039225 Trailing wildcards when used in groupby drop facet values when clicking ‘more’