March 2017 Release (v1.2359.7)

This page summarizes the new features and bug fixes introduced in the March 2017 Release (1.2359.7).

To download this release:

Issue Number New Features
JSUI-1149 Ported code to TypeScript 2.0
JSUI-1315 Coveo™ Machine Learning suggestions should now use context from the PipelineContext component
JSUI-1323 Result templates: added support for Content Security Policies
JSUI-1366 Card layout: enabled keyboard navigation and selection
JSUI-1423 ResultsPreferences component: changed default value of enableOpenInOutlook option to false
JSUI-1427 Standalone searchbox: made it easier to configure # in parameters
JSUI-1431 Added delay to interface width check when it is evaluated to zero on load
JSUI-1438 Added support for localized string in placeholder input
JSUI-1443 AdvancedSearch component: made generated queries more robust
JSUI-1445 FacetSlider component: removed SVG support check
JSUI-1468 Added default value for “properties” when parsing default Underscore and HTML templates
Issue Number Bug Fixes

Fixed strange behavior in Internet Explorer only for the initial query on page load

JSUI-1401 CardOverlay component: made hyperlink text color easier to read
JSUI-1418 Thumbnail component: setting ResultLink options should now work properly when clickable is true
JSUI-1428 Fixed: Culture files not working
JSUI-1436 FacetSlider component: selecting a range with no results should no longer cause IE to hang or crash
JSUI-1442 Fixed: AdvancedSearch drop-down menu does not close when clicking outside of the box
JSUI-1447 Fixed: computeCssClass
JSUI-1455 Fixed: FacetSlider throws "ReferenceError: TouchEvent is not defined" on FF and IE 11
JSUI-1470 Fixed: Card template graphic issue with Safari - El Capitan