February 2020 Release (v1.14.4)

This page summarizes the new features and bug fixes introduced in the February 2020 Release (v1.14.4).

Introducing Dynamic Facets as Drag-and-Drop Components

Issue numbers: IE-723, IE-740

All facet drag-and-drop components have been replaced by their dynamic facet counterparts.

You can still create non-dynamic facets through Code View.

Other Changes

Issue number Enhancement
IE-737 When creating a new search page, only the All Content tab is now selected by default.
Issue number Bug fix
IE-731 Removed the enableExpand, expandExpression, and maximumExpandedResults folding options in UI View.
IE-732 Fixed issue where Chrome would suggest previously entered text in the facet value caption editor.
IE-734 Fixed issue where an undesirable [[dynamicFacet]] text node was rendered below the facets when a new page was created.
IE-751 Fixed issue where the query expression editor modal appeared behind the tab creator window when creating a custom tab.
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