About SameSite Cookie Changes in Chrome 80

The upcoming version 80 of Google Chrome introduces a major behavior change in the handling of cross-domain (SameSite) cookies. This change enhances security and privacy, but can severely affect platforms and applications that don’t support the new behavior.

Coveo Readiness Statement

Coveo is committed to addressing this change in its Coveo Cloud Platform and related applications.

As of January 31th, 2020 all production components have been updated to support the new behavior.

User-deployed components in Coveo for Salesforce, Coveo for ServiceNow, or Coveo for Sitecore don’t require updates.

Coveo encourages its customers that have a significant amount of custom code to test their deployment against Chrome 80 using the tools provided by Google.

Salesforce Platform Fixes

Salesforce’s own platform fixes addressing the SameSite cookie behavior change will be rolled out as part of the Spring 2020 release in February. When testing any Salesforce-powered Coveo deployment against the new behavior, ensure you use a test sandbox running the Spring 2020 version. See this knowledge article for more information.

Further Reading

For more information regarding the SameSite cookie changes, see the dedicated post on the Chromium blog. Microsoft and Salesforce have also addressed this issue in their respective documentation.

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