TLS 1.1 Deprecation

In March 2020, TLS 1.1 will be deprecated. See What You Need to Check and Do Before Coveo Disables TLS 1.1 on Its Cloud Platform for the actions to take before the deprecation takes place.

On the deprecation day, no action will be required on your part to switch to TLS 1.2, as Coveo Cloud will start enforcing TLS 1.2 for all client communications.

However, if you want to confirm that your Coveo On-Premises Crawling Module instance will transition to TLS 1.2 seamlessly, you can follow these steps:

  1. Add an environment variable to enable usage of the new platform endpoints, which only support TLS 1.2:

    1. In the Windows Start menu, search for Edit the system environment variables.

    2. In the System Properties window that appears, in the Advanced tab, click Environment Variables.

    3. In the Environment Variables window that appears, under System variables, click New.

    4. In the New System Variable window that appears, fill the boxes as follows, and then click OK.

      • Variable name: COVEO_PLATFORM_TLS12

      • Variable value: true

    5. Back in the Environment Variables window, click OK.

    6. Back in the System Properties window, click OK.

  2. Restart Maestro, either by rebooting your server altogether or by deleting the Crawling Module service:

    1. Open your Crawling Module folder.

    2. In the scripts folder, execute the DeleteCrawlingModulesService.bat script.

    3. Click the File tab, and then, in the menu, click Open Windows PowerShell as an administrator.

    4. In the Administrator: Windows PowerShell window, type .\registerCrawlingModulesService.bat, and then press Enter. This registers Maestro as a Windows service, thus ensuring that the Crawling Module restarts following a machine reboot.

  3. Restart your workers and database, as restarting Maestro stopped them.

  4. In the Crawling Module Swagger page, in the Debug section, execute the validate/tls call to validate the support of TLS 1.2 endpoints. The body of the response should read: TLS 1.2 endpoint support successfully validated.

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