Nomenclature Change for Queries in Usage Analytics

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As of November 7, 2019, the nomenclature used in all reports, dashboards, and templates of the Administration Console Usage Analytics menu section has been harmonized with other parts of the product.

The following changes have been done at the metrics level:

This nomenclature change allows Coveo to differentiate search events triggered by the end users’ behavior from the actual resource usage at the API level that counts against the queries per month (QPM) quota included in every customer’s license (see Using the Search Consumption Dashboard).

Another distinction highlighted by this nomenclature change is the one between “query” as a metric and “query” as a dimension. While the metric refers to a “search event”, the dimension refers to the actual text that has been inputted in the search box by the user.

Therefore, the Query dimension was renamed User Query.

The metrics and dimensions documentation has been updated to reflect these changes.

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