Index commerce catalog content with the Stream API

To index your commerce content, you need a Coveo organization. Coveo lets you create a source which is the bridge to your commerce data.

If you have never used the Coveo Administration Console before, log in now.

  • Contact your sales representative to enable Coveo for Commerce features in your organization.

  • You can review your organization license limits in Coveo.

  • Ensure that you set the required privileges for your commerce organization.

Create your Catalog source and upload data

The recommended way to index a commerce catalog is to stream your data to a Catalog source created within the Coveo Administration Console.

Catalog data structure

A specific catalog data structure is recommended to optimize the search experience with Coveo. Your catalog structure can vary in many ways depending on your use case. They’re often a combination of three types of objects: products, variants, and availabilities.


The objecttype is one of the most important source item types in a Coveo for Commerce catalog structure.

Begin by creating a catalog structure that contains product data to test your results, and then review and inspect your indexed items.

Optionally, you can then add variant data and availability data.


Every Coveo item is represented by a JSON configuration, which can be inspected in the Administration Console (see Item JSON Tab).

Define your Coveo commerce catalog

(Optional) Create a demo search page

You have successfully used the Content Browser to filter and view your indexed content. Now create a real, customizable Coveo demo search page with the Interface Editor.

With a demo search page you will get an idea of what you can accomplish using the Coveo JavaScript Search Framework in the next step of the solution implementation.

Required privileges

The following table indicates the privileges required for your organizations groups to view or edit elements of the Catalogs (platform-ca | platform-eu | platform-au) page and associated panels (see Manage privileges and Privilege reference). The Commerce domain is however only available in Coveo commerce organizations.

Action Service - Domain Required access level

View catalogs

Commerce - Catalogs
Content - Sources
Content - Fields
Organization - Organization


Edit catalogs

Content - Fields
Content - Sources
Organization - Organization


Commerce - Catalogs


Search - Execute Query