April 2019 Release (v1.10.6)

This page summarizes the new features and bug fixes introduced in the April 2019 Release (v1.10.6).

New Feature: Facet Value Caption Editor

You can now normalize facet values captions directly in the Interface Editor.

alternate text

Other Changes

Issue Number Enhancement
IE-359 Improve Use in the following tabs facet menu
Issue Number Bug Fix
IE-511 Fixed issue where dropping a Tab disarranged alignment in Code View.
IE-530 Fixed issue where clicking Undo/Redo sent an editorLoaded event to Coveo usage analytics.
IE-536 Fixed missing options issue when editing a result template from new tab.
IE-585 [Filter Expression Editor] Fixed minor CSS issues with IE11.
IE-588 [Filter Expression Editor] Fixed parsing when many terms are not enclosed between double quotes.
IE-590 [Filter Expression Editor] Fixed parsing issue when field queries are joined with lowercase AND operator.
IE-610 Fixed issue where deleting a filter expression made the text input disappear.
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