March 2019 Release (v2.5652)

This page summarizes the bug fixes introduced in the March 2019 Release (initially released as v2.5652.7).

To download the latest version of this release (v2.5652.11):

Resource Script to include
Coveo JavaScript Search Framework (minified)
<!-- Coveo JavaScript Search Framework (with lazy loading) -->
<script class="coveo-script" src=""></script>
<!-- If you prefer to use the eager loading version, use the following link instead -->
<script class="coveo-script" src=""></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href=""/>
Result templates
<script src=""></script>

For more available resources, see CDN Links.


Issue number Case Maintenance case
JSUI-2367 00048445 [Facet/CategoryFacet] Fixed accessibility issues.
JSUI-2368 00048531 [Quickview] Fixed issue where component didn’t work with unique IDs contains URL-encoded characters.
JSUI-2371 00048517 [Pager] Fixed issue where current page could be set to decimal value.
JSUI-2383 00048799 [Omnibox] Fixed issue where Enter key didn’t work in standalone search box with search-as-you-type enabled.
JSUI-2385 00048853 [CategoryFacet] Fixed issue where specifying custom facet value captions didn’t work.
JSUI-2386 00048573 [Localization] Fixed date translation issue with Norwegian culture.
JSUI-2389 00048961 [OmniboxResultList] Fixed issue where header remained visible when query returned no results.

Additional Change in Maintenance Version


Issue number Bug fix
JSUI-2456 Fixed Filters menu alignment issue in small responsive mode.
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