Coveo for Sitecore 5 is now available!

Release Notes for May 2019 - 4.1.733.137

This release includes the 1.2537.57 and 2.5926.10 versions of the JavaScript Search Framework (see May 2018 Maintenance Release (1.2537.57) and April 2019 Release (v2.5926.10)).

To avoid vulnerability issues, the version of jQuery bundled in the package has been updated to jQuery 3.4.0. Theoretically, whatever custom code leveraging jQuery you had written should still work, but this cannot be guaranteed.

This page summarizes the new features and fixed support cases introduced in the Coveo for Sitecore May 2019 release (4.1.733.137).

To download the May 2019 release, see Downloads.

For the upgrade procedure, see Upgrading from February 2019 (4.1.732.176) to May 2019 (4.1.733.137).

Issue number Enhancement
SC-3593 The debug logging in the indexing process now shows added and removed document IDs along with their batch ID.
SC-3669 Update jQuery to version 3.4.0.
SC-3789 Support Coveo JavaScript Search Framework version 2.5926.
SC-3811 Support Sitecore 9.1.1.
Issue number Case Fixed support case
SC-3580 00048627 Log Coveo Cloud Bad Request 400 errors response content into Sitecore logs.
SC-3600 00048962 Properly handle retries when HTTP calls are being throttled by Coveo Cloud.
SC-3614 00048550 Fixed a concurrency issue when fetching license details.
SC-3803 00050372 Fixed issues to support Sitecore 9.1 Content Delivery servers without the Core database.
Issue number Bug fix
SC-3581 Added permanentid to the Coveo Special Fields.
SC-3734 Ensured that users can connect to a new organization even if their previous API key is invalid.
SC-3771 [Hive] Removed unused placeholders in the Global Search Section.
SC-3836 [Hive] Fixed issue with Basic Search Interface Layout.cshtml throwing an exception on XM Sitecore topology.
SC-3838 Fixed indexing issue on Sitecore XM topology.
SC-3863 Fixed issue with Coveo Send Analytics to Sitecore events not being recorded in the Sitecore xDB Interactions table.