Privilege Management

Coveo Cloud administrators can edit everything across the administration console (see Coveo Cloud V2 Administration Console). To allow them to delegate responsibilities, Coveo offers the group and privilege features, i.e., the possibility to grant certain powers to a group of users (see Adding and Managing Groups). You can leverage these features to allow users to view or edit specific parts of the Coveo Cloud administration console while preventing them to view or edit other parts. Similarly, you can grant privileges to API keys to allow their holder to access or edit the content of your Coveo Cloud organization.

The operation of granting privileges, however, is not to be taken lightly, as insufficient privileges can hinder task accomplishment, while inadequate or unnecessary privileges could lead to accidents or misuse. When allowed to delegate powers, you should have a good understanding of how the Coveo Cloud privilege system works and be well aware of the implications of each choice you make. In this regard, Coveo strongly recommends thoroughly reading its privilege documentation before granting privileges or editing a privilege set, and enforcing the principle of least privilege, i.e., granting just enough privileges for the grantee to perform their task (see Principle of Least Privilege).

This series of articles describes the privilege management process in Coveo Cloud and provides a glossary of the most important related terms (see Glossary).

Documentation Subdivision

The privilege management articles are divided as follows. Readers are advised to browse these pages in order.

  1. Understanding Privileges
  2. Understanding the Custom Access Level
  3. Built-In Groups
  4. Navigating the Privileges Tab
  5. Granting Privileges
  6. Privilege Reference
  7. Understanding Resource Access

What’s Next?

Read about what privileges are and what value they bring to your Coveo Cloud organization (see Understanding Privileges).


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