In a Coveo Cloud organization, few people need to access all features of the Administration Console. Depending on how responsibilities are delegated, some organization members may only need to access a couple pages of the Administration Console to accomplish their tasks. Similarly, the Coveo Cloud API keys you create may only need to have access to a specific part of your organization to allow their holder to serve its purpose.

In this regard, a privilege determines what its grantee can do with a subset of features or data of a Coveo Cloud organization. The grantee can either be an API key or a group of organization members. When granted privileges, a grantee can be allowed to view, edit, and/or create resources, perform actions, etc. to accomplish their tasks relatively to your Coveo Cloud organization.

Privileges should be granted in accordance with the principle of least privilege. In other words, the grantee should receive just enough privileges to perform their duties.

Documentation Subdivision

We recommend thoroughly reading the privilege documentation before granting privileges or editing a privilege set.

The privilege management articles are divided as follows. Readers are advised to browse these pages in order.

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