Releases Notes for February 2019 - 1.1.190201.2

This page summarizes the new features and bug fixes introduced in the Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics 365 February 2019 release (1.1.190201.2).

This release also includes the following versions:

New Features and Improvements

Issue Description Documentation
DYN-875 Use JavaScript Search Framework version 2.4710 JavaScript Search Framework [October 2018 Release (v2.4710) Release Notes
DYN-896 Show a paused organization dialog in the configuration interface
DYN-913 Use Interface Editor version v1.7.7 Interface Editor November 2018 Release (v1.7.7) Release Notes

Bug Fixes

Issue Description
DYN-901 Improve information handling process when the package is not configured in the new application module
DYN-929 Diagnose source option failure in UCI application
DYN-944 New Dynamics UI page background is gray