January 2019 Release (v1.8.11)

This page summarizes the new feature and bug fix introduced in the January 2019 Release (v1.8.11).

New Feature: Filter Expression Editor

The new filter expression editor helps you create or modify query filters by:

  • Providing you with field completion suggestions as you are typing.
  • Parsing the query expression to ensure its validity.
  • Displaying a preview of the filtered query results.

Filter Expression Editor Demo

You can access the filter expression editor to create or modify:

  • Tab filter expressions

    Edit Tab Filter Expression

  • Facet additional filters

    Edit Facet Additional Filter

  • Search interface hidden expression

    Edit Search Interface hidden expression

  • Folding expand expression

    Edit Folding expand expression

    Although using the filter expression editor to modify folding expand expressions is possible in this version of the Interface Editor, doing so involves additional layers of complexity and should typically be avoided.

Bug Fix

Issue Number Bug Fix
IE-535 Fixed issue where removing a component from a result template did not trigger a result layout refresh.