Create a Coveo for Commerce Trial Organization With the API

A trial organization lets you experiment with Coveo before committing to a full license. It provides a dashboard to guide you through the essential features you should test during your trial.

You can register for a free trial on the Coveo website.

However, if you want to test Coveo for Commerce, you must use the Create an organization endpoint to create a new Coveo for Commerce trial organization.

To request a sandbox or production organization, contact Coveo Sales.

Request template

POST<MY_DISPLAY_NAME>&organizationTemplate=CommerceEnterpriseTrial HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json
Authorization: Bearer <MY_OAUTH2_TOKEN>
  • In the query string, replace the placeholder name value with the display name you want to use for your new Coveo for Commerce trial organization (e.g., mycoveoforcommerceorganization).

  • In the Authorization header, replace <MY_OAUTH2_TOKEN> with a Coveo Platform access token (see Get Your Coveo Platform Access Token).

The body of a successful response (201 Created) contains the unique and permanent id of the organization you just created. This value is important, as it’s a required parameter in many Coveo Platform REST API operations. You can always retrieve this value later (see Retrieve the Organization ID).

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