Coveo for Sitecore 5 is now available!

Release Notes for February 2019 - 4.1.732.176

This release includes the 1.2537.57 and 2.4609.8 versions of the JavaScript Search Framework (see May 2018 Maintenance Release (1.2537.57) and August 2018 Maintenance Release (v2.4609.8)).

This page summarizes the new features and fixed support cases introduced in the Coveo for Sitecore February 2019 release (4.1.732.176).

To download the February 2019 release, see Downloads.

For the upgrade procedure, see Upgrading from November 2018 (4.1.731.22) to February 2019 (4.1.732.176).

Issue number Enhancement
SC-3122 [Hive] Make the Enable Cancel Last Action, Enable No Results Found Message, and No Results Found Message JavaScript Framework component options available in the Coveo Query Summary rendering data source.
SC-3362 Mark AdminService project classes as deprecated.
SC-3382 Remove workaround for Unexpected Token error in the SXA Coveo File Result Template.cshtml file (see Unexpected Token When Editing Page With SXA Components in Experience Editor).
SC-3512 Support Sitecore 9.1.
Issue number Case Fixed support case
SC-3450 00047720 Fixed CES license update issue.
SC-3465 00041734 Added handling of empty header names when creating a Search REST API HTTP request.
SC-3519 00047806 Fixed An item with the same key has already been added. error when executing the coveoIndexingGetTemplates pipeline
SC-3562 00048513 Fixed issue with broken search pages when MongoDB is unavailable.
Issue number Bug fix
SC-3122 [Hive] Fixed issue with the Coveo Query Summary Enable search tips and Only display search tips settings not working.
SC-3350 [Command Center] Fixed issue with warning appearing in browser developer tools.
SC-3434 [SXA] Added error handling when editing rendering data sources in the Experience Editor.
SC-3462 [Command Center] Fixed issue with user not being able to save new included fields after a Sitecore field name change.
SC-3479 [Command Center] Added error handling on Coveo for Sitecore activation process.
SC-3485 Added setting to disallow forwarding cookies along with search queries.
SC-3489 Fixed issue to support Sitecore field names containing hyphens.
SC-3518 [SXA] Fixed issue where RenderingViewPath was not taken into account when using Coveo SXA controllers.
SC-3529 Fixed error when accessing a Coveo Search Base Parameters item in Translate mode.
SC-3535 Fixed issue with ItemWithUniqueIdEventHandler unnecessarily updating newly created items.
SC-3536 Fixed issue when pushing Coveo analytics data into xConnect in Sitecore 9.
SC-3546 Fixed issue with the Related Query component Main Search Interface field value not being properly handled.
SC-3551 [Command Center] Added redirection to the Indexes section following an Apply and Restart in the Configuration and Security sections.
SC-3559 [Legacy Search UI] Fixed issue with Numeric Range Facet Edit Properties dialog loading slowly when using custom numeric ranges.
SC-3563 Improved rebuild validation when Cloud index replicas are out of sync.
SC-3567 Added validation on Coveo File Result Template component File template name field.