Q. Where can I find pricing information on the Coveo for Sitecore Edition?

A. Pricing is publicly available on our website for all editions (see Editions and Pricing).

Q. What currency is used on the Coveo.com pricing section website?

A.  All prices are in USD. Conversion to other currencies is done using the current rate at the time of the transaction.

Q.  Why can’t I see the boosting and filtering rules in the Result scope section of the Coveo search parameters?

A. These rules editors are limited to the Enterprise and Enterprise Cloud editions. It is, however, possible to filter and boost programmatically in other editions.

Q. How does license work for developers and staging environment?

A. Developers workstations are free. All non-production environments are a fraction of the price of the production instance.

Q. How do I upgrade from an On-Premises Edition to a Cloud Edition?

A. Contact us to adjust your terms to reflect the price of the new Cloud Edition you selected. For perpetual license owner, contact us. We have predefined mechanisms to optimize your investment in a subscription model.

Coveo Cloud

Q. Where is the Coveo Cloud platform physically hosted?

A. We run on Amazon Web Services in the  US East (North Virginia) region. We are planning to open additional regions based on demand. Contact us if you would like us to open a data center in your region.

Q. Does the Cloud Edition support the same level of customization?

A. Yes. Every customization done on the Sitecore side are available with a Cloud or an On-Premises index. On the index side, customization options are different but equivalent, and usually more flexible with the Cloud Edition.

Q.Using a Cloud edition (Pro Cloud or Enterprise Cloud), does the customer get to decide how the servers are scaled?

A. No. Coveo takes care of the scaling; it is elastic. Based on the load of the organization, we scale the infrastructure reserved to serve this organization.

Q. Can I move configurations from one environment to another environment? Do I have to setup each environment manually?

A. You can serialize configuration to JSON for every object in the Cloud organization. You can then move them around from one Cloud organization to another by exporting and importing the JSON of your objects. 


Q. Will Coveo Cloud work in a multi-site scenario? Can I have several different thesauruses, ranking expressions, etc. per site?

A. Yes. You can create one Query Pipeline for each site. You can even create one pipeline per search interface if you need to have a specific customization at the page level (see Managing Query Pipelines).

Q. How does it work for development environments? Do individual developers need their own cloud setups?

A.  When you purchase a Cloud license, you get two cloud organizations: a sandbox and a production environment. We recommend you hook your production to the Coveo production organization, and your integration/QA to the sandbox organization. Use trial organizations for development (see Coveo for Sitecore V4 Cloud - The Road to Production).

Coveo Machine Learning

Q. Is Coveo™ Machine Learning (Coveo ML) available for On-Premises indexes?

A. No, Coveo ML is exclusive to Cloud indexes.

Q. Is Coveo ML only available to Enterprise Cloud edition customers?

A. Coveo ML  Advanced Relevance Tuning and Query Suggestions are available on all Cloud editions, including the Trial version. Coveo ML Recommendations are for the Enterprise edition only. See Coveo Machine Learning Features for a description of each.

Q. If Coveo ML learns a bad pattern, can you remove the specific pattern?

A. No, patterns are part of a model and cannot be individually removed. You can either retrain the model on a more representative set of data or delete the model and create a new one (see Coveo Machine Learning Models). 

Q. Coveo ML needs analytics data. Are there any configuration steps required to ensure the data is sent to Coveo Analytics? 

A. In some cases, yes. There are additional step for the Recommendations module and sending custom events to the analytics (see Getting Recommendations and Sending Custom Analytics Events).

Q.How complicated is the upgrade from Coveo for Sitecore 4 to Coveo for Sitecore 5?

A.Relatively easy. You simply need to follow the Coveo for Sitecore Upgrade Guide. Depending on the complexity of your deployment, you should plan between 4 and 40 hours to complete the migration.

Q.How is the upgrade from Coveo for Sitecore 1 or 2 to Coveo for Sitecore 4?

A.The indexing and UI have been completely changed between version 2 and 3 Therefore, when migrating from 1 or 2 to 4, you should plan enough time to re-index your content and redo all the customization. It is basically like doing a fresh install.

Q. How complicated is the upgrade process to go from an On-Premises index to a Cloud index?

A. Very simple. Follow the instructions in the Switching from On-Premises to Cloud Indexes article. Once this is done, simply rebuild your indexes.

Q. How complicated is the upgrade process from Cloud Trial to the paid Cloud editions (Pro Cloud or Enterprise Cloud)?

A. Very simple. It is only a matter of upgrading your license. There are no additional packages to deploy or upgrade (see Upgrading your License).


Q. How secure is the Coveo Cloud platform?

A. Coveo is currently compliant with SOC II (see Security and Certificates).

Q. Are you HIPAA compliant?

A. Yes. If you need HIPAA compliance, make sure to specify it when purchasing Coveo as there are extra charges.