Coveo Cloud V1 Resolved Issues

The Coveo Platform and Coveo for Salesforce are regularly updated with new features and resolved issues. These release notes present the resolved issues for each update.

Starting from June 2014, the Coveo for Salesforce V1 release notes are available from Coveo for Salesforce V1.

September 2, 2016 (Minor Rollout)

Resolved issues Case #
Coveo Cloud V1
Error retrieving the statistics from the server on query performance dashboard 00031955

August 8, 2016

Resolved issues Case #
Coveo Cloud V1
Can't edit a source rollbacking 00032402

May 7, 2016

Resolved issues Case #
Coveo Cloud V1
Duplicate date field for different sources generates error 00030637
Publish Statuses to Index resets when restoring authentication on source 00030803
Quick View not working in Internet Explorer 11 00030534
Analytics pie chart filtering unexpected behavior 00030284
'Create Relation Using' parameter isn't set for the Data Explorer 00030665
Wrong Relevance Index color/value display 00030274
Metrics filters aren't applied when navigating to the new Data Explorer 00030542
Search API
Querying an index with a @fieldname that has also a custom system field name "sys" + fieldname doesn't return results with queried field 00030405
Uncaught value should be a non-empty string error while trying to open Quick View for child results 00030787

March 5, 2016

Resolved issues Case #
Coveo Cloud V1
Trends aren't displayed by default in metric boxes 00029806
Cloud UI doesn't display Jive 8 support 00029318
Enhanced Web Service URL parameter isn't pushed in the back-end while indexing a Confluence source 00029444
Fields aren't available in the result details when clicking Open in Content Browser in a pipeline menu 00029644
Search API
Using the NOT filter with an @field assigned to an empty string caused an issue 00029771
Problem accessing /rest/search/ 00029758

November 21, 2015

Resolved issues Case #
Coveo Cloud V1
Adding French stop words to the cloud analytics 00027580
UA custom dimensions missing after update 00027939
Cloud Platform database AllowedSchedules table is missing some entries 00027801
Cloud UI lets you put the same URL many times, causing the Sitemap source creation workflow to break 00028379
Cloud UI allows incremental refresh on Confluence source which doesn't support it. 00027708
Error in post-conversion script generation 00027714
Missing default fields on YouTube source 00027643
Named filter page becomes blank after creating a filter 00028123
Need to index Feedcomment from only one CollaborationGroup, but cloud UI doesn't allow to add exclusions based on parentID 00028373
Problem managing exclusions on Salesforce Knowledge sources 00027704
Sitemap connector has different default parameters in the cloud than on-premises 00025956
UA API call timeouts 00028050
Web sources on cloud UI require email format as username authentication 00027690
Search API
Problem with analytics search activity 00027333

October 3, 2015

Resolved issues Case #
Coveo Cloud V1
Can't compare to custom period in dashboards 00027490
Can't save the order of metrics in explorer line chart after setting it manually 00027341
Error when filtering Visit Browser by keyword or groupName 00027671
UA pagination not appearing when querying performance rewards 00027658
UI Issue with DetailedStatistics when entering edit of line chart while report is loading 00027571
AWS hardware failure 00027414
Cloud loggerID missing in the API key 00026983
Cloud not generating mapping and field set correctly 00026957
UI Issue with CustomFields 00027039
UI issue with DetailedStatistics 00027039
Set parameter "Document's addresses are case-sensitive" to true by default on Salesforce sources 00027562
Search API
Security hole in Search API with mandatory filters N/A
Coveo Search API service consuming high memory 00027110
Search optimization pipeline method not allowed message when importing CSV file 00027528

August 15, 2015

Resolved issues Case #
Coveo Cloud V1
When using Origin dimensions and filter on clicks only while using the UA, no clicks are shown 00026818
UA dashboard Content Gaps (Queries and Keywords) lost default filters 00026850
Click count erroneously affected by custom events 00027029
UI Issue with: AnalyticsDimensionManager when creating a custom dimension 00026584
UA line chart doesn't load toggle button automatically 00026984

June 20, 2015

Resolved issues Case #
Coveo Cloud V1
Visit Browser not refreshing 00026180
Can't revert to the System Default extraction method 00025363
Linking an Org using "Login with Salesforce" invalidates the token after a while 00025394
Reset password doesn't work 00025395
Field length for custom field is currently limited to 255 00025847
UA: Filter on Boolean pie charts triggers UI issues 00025479
Visit Browser not showing the right dimension 00025890

March 7, 2015

Resolved issues Case #
Coveo Cloud V1
No "Login with Salesforce" during OAuth handshake when resetting connection to Cloud Platform 00021152
UI Issue with SourceList when clicking on rebuild source while logged into Salesforce 00021065
Intermittent search token failure 00020825
UI Issue with OrganizationSettings 00020740
Two REST requests to get rid of 00020723
UI issue with UserList 00020724 / 00020914
Can't see any SF secured standard objects results in SF Knowledge source 00020438
Salesforce Knowledge source not indexing 00020069
Thesaurus entries being duplicated 00019341
Failed to process request due to an internal error when opening a source 00019233

December 6, 2014

Resolved issue Case #
Coveo Cloud V1
Fixed the editing of very old Salesforce sources for more backward compatibility 00019153

November 8, 2014

Resolved issues Case #
Coveo Cloud V1
Old Salesforce source can now be edited 00019207
Fixed issue where the thesaurus can't be updated because it contained duplicates 00019103
Fixed UI issue when modifying the Has Clicks preset filter 00018946
Better handling of big Salesforce schemas 00018893
Fixed issue where the Coveo-powered search page was not loading 00018780

August 2, 2014

Resolved issues Case #
Coveo Cloud V1
Fields of type Base64 are now visible and indexEditable 00018310
Fixed issue with LastReferencedDate and LastViewedDate being selected by default 00018172
Fixed issue where the <Rebuild> button was enabled before all necessary objects had been fetched 00018095
Fixed issue where a high number of relationships in a Salesforce object were not properly handled 00017911
Fixed issue where an access token was out-of-synch with the UI 00018023

June 7, 2014

Resolved issue Case #
Coveo Cloud V1
Cloud Usage Analytics isn't tracking user clicks on search results 00017485

May 3, 2014

Resolved issues Case #
Coveo Cloud V1
Improved query performance 00016965
Fixed a discrepancy with source schedules between platform and CES 00016691
Fixed tagging with Text Analytics 00016635

March 22, 2014

Resolved issues Case #
Coveo for Salesforce
HTML markup displaying in the title of a Coveo panel tab 00015817
Did You Mean corrections and Omnibox element events aren't recorded in usage analytics N/A
Search click events are registered as Omnibox value selection when using keyboard only input N/A
Error when adding new tab to custom panel on a custom object page layout N/A
Dragging an element in the template editor deletes the side column N/A
Scrollbars don't appear on the Coveo panel (vertical) N/A
Previews when changing the filters on an advanced query don't work N/A
No validation on 'filters' in configuration of a box in the Coveo panel N/A
Linking to a custom search page from a default Coveo panel doesn't work N/A
Coveo panel template editor resizes badly in small windows N/A
Attach to Case button on results doesn't use the correct Knowledge Article language N/A
No X in the Coveo panel search box when using Google Chrome N/A

March 3, 2014

Resolved issues Case # Description
Coveo Cloud V1
Issue when adding a new Salesforce source 00015719 A condition that caused a long delay when adding a Salesforce source has been corrected.
Exchange source error notification 00015680 A source error email notification for an Exchange source has been improved to provide a more accurate and relevant message.
Poor handling of large Salesforce schemas 00015628 The Salesforce schema processing performance was improved.

February 10, 2014

Resolved issues Case Description
Coveo Cloud V1
Fixed refresh schedules of Salesforce Content sources 00015355 Due to excessive API consumption, the default incremental refresh schedule for a Salesforce Content source was changed from every 15 minutes to every hour, with a weekly full refresh each Sunday.
Fixed schema mismatch error on Salesforce source 00015526 A Schema Mismatch error no longer displays when editing a Salesforce source under certain valid conditions.
Searching for Salesforce case and article numbers now ignore leading zeros 00015598 Users can now search for Salesforce case numbers without the leading zeros and returned results will contain the full case number with the zeros.
Fixed cross-site scripting vulnerability N/A Closed a vulnerability where it was possible to inject malicious JavaScript code into administration pages.
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