Security - Tab

The Security tab allows you to define or review the identities (user and groups) who can see your source content in Coveo search interfaces (see Source Content Access Options).

Access the “Security” Tab

Currently the Security tab is only available in Salesforce source configuration panels.

  1. If not already done, log in to your Coveo Cloud organization as a member of a group with the required privileges to manage sources in the target Coveo Cloud organization.

  2. In the main menu on the left, under Content, select Sources.

  3. On the Sources page, whether you add or edit a source:

    • When adding a source:

      1. Click Add Source.

      2. In the panel that appears, select the type of source that you want to create.

      3. In the Add a [System] Source panel, enter at least the Source name to be able to access the Security tab.


    • When editing a source: click the source for which you want to manage permission types, and then in the Action bar, click Edit.

  4. In the Add a [System] Source or Edit a [System] Source: [Source_Name] panel, click the Security tab.

Define the Access to Source Content

  1. Access the “Security” tab.

  2. In the Security tab, consider changing who can access the source content.

    Currently the Security tab is only available in Salesforce source configuration panels.

    • (Salesforce sources only) Before changing the security of your source, ensure that it does not violate any third-party contracts.

    • Changing this setting may expose sensitive content publicly.

    Under Select who will access the source content, select one of the following options:

    • Everyone: Allows everyone to have access to the content of the source, whether the identities are authenticated or not.

      The Everyone option is the equivalent of the Shared option in other source configuration panels (see Content Security).

    • Specific identities: Only the specified identities are allowed to see the source content. You need to enter the following information:

      • By default, your current identity (account name) is added.

      • The Specific identities option is the equivalent of the Private option in other source configuration panels (see Content Security).

      1. Click the Add identity drop-down menu, and then add an identity (user or group):

      2. In the Security identity provider drop-down menu, select the existing provider used to secure the desired identity.

      3. In the Identity type drop-down menu, select the identity type (User or Group) of the identity you want to be allowed to see the source content.

      4. In the Identity input, enter the account name of the user or group.

      5. Optionally, in the Additional info input, add identity information, written in JSON, about the user or group outside the account name.

      6. Click Add.

      7. Repeat this procedure to add more identities.

    • Users following system permissions: This is the default and most secure option. The option only allows anonymous and authenticated users to see search results for items to which they have access within the system.

      The Users following system permissions option is the equivalent of the Secured option in other source configuration panels (see Content Security).

      1. Select an identity provider: Allows you to select the identity provider from an existing source.

        When you select an existing security identity provider, ensure the identities contained in the provider can be matched with the identities retrieved from the source system.

        While you create a second Salesforce source retrieving the content from the same organization, you select the identity provider of the first Salesforce source.

      2. Create a new one: Creates a new identity provider based on the system you retrieve content from. If this is the first source of this system (e.g., Salesforce) in your organization, it is recommended to select this option.

        You create the first Salesforce source of your Coveo Cloud organization so you decide to create a new identity provider. For other Salesforce sources that retrieve content from the same Salesforce organization, you will select the identity provider that was created by your first Salesforce source addition.

  3. Complete your source addition or edition:

    • Click Add Source/Save when you want to save your source permission changes without starting a build/rebuild, such as when you know you want to do other changes soon.

      On the Sources page, you must click Start initial build or Start required rebuild in the source Status column to add the source content or make your changes effective, respectively.

    • Click Add and Build Source/Save and Rebuild Source when you are done editing the source and want to make changes effective.

      Back on the Sources page, you can review the progress of your source addition or modification (see Adding and Managing Sources).

  4. Once the source is built or rebuilt, you can review the source item permissions in the Content Browser (see Review Item Properties).