How Do You Measure the Coveo ML Features Impact?

You can use the following 2 traditional marketing metrics to evaluate how successfully your community search connects users with the information they need to solve their specific issue:

  • Click-Through Rate (CTR) – The percentage of users clicking on any link on the search results page. Higher values are better, meaning that users are more often opening search result items following their queries.

  • Average Click Rank (ACR) – Similar in concept to page rank, this metric measures the average position of opened items in a given set of search results. Lower values are better, as a value of 1 represents the first result in a list.

Coveo ML optimizes search results and query suggestions, and will therefore improve CTR and ACR metrics and contribute to increase self-service. You can test the addition of Coveo ML features like any other query pipeline change (see Testing Query Pipeline Changes).