Machine Learning - Section


The Machine Learning section of the Coveo Cloud Administration Console navigation menu allows you, as a member of the Administrators or Relevance Managers built-in groups, to manage and evaluate Coveo Machine Learning (Coveo ML) (ML) models.

From this section, you can implement machine learning models and test their relevance impact on your search solution:

“Models” Page

On the Models page, you can manage Coveo ML Automatic Relevance Tuning (ART), Query Suggestions (QS), Event Recommendations (ER), and Dynamic Navigation Experience (DNE) models associated to a specific Coveo organization. This page allows you, among other things, to:

  • Create, edit, and delete Coveo ML models

  • Manage the learning interval for which the Coveo ML models gather data

  • Review Coveo ML model information

For more information on Coveo ML models, see Adding and Managing Coveo Machine Learning Models.

“Model Testing” Page

On the Model Testing page, you can compare two Coveo Machine Learning models of the same type to measure their effectiveness. This tool also allows you to compare the search results ranking provided by default with those provided by an active ART model.

For more information on model testing, see Testing Coveo Machine Learning models.

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