Rebuilding Your Salesforce Source Following a Refresh of the Instance Hosting Your Salesforce Organization

Whenever your Salesforce organization URL changes, you must rebuild your Coveo Cloud source to prevent broken Salesforce item links in search results. This is because the clickable URIs (links clicked by search users to open Coveo search results) include the Salesforce instance host name on which your Salesforce organization is hosted.

Your Salesforce organization may be forced to move by Salesforce when an instance refresh (formerly known as an instance split, instance migration, or organization move) is scheduled.

Your Salesforce organization is currently hosted on NA4 ( and Salesforce is notifying you that it will be moved to NA24 (

Your Salesforce Organization administrator will receive a PRODUCT & SERVICE NOTIFICATION from Salesforce when an instance refresh is scheduled that involves moving your Salesforce organization from its current Salesforce instance to a new instance.

The email notification subject can be similar to the following:

REMINDER ACTION REQUIRED: Upcoming Changes to Your NA4 Instance

Your Salesforce organization may also get a new URL when you start accessing it through a Single Sign On (SSO) system. Again, you need to rebuild your Coveo Cloud source, but you also need to configure a domain redirection towards the instance where the Salesforce items reside (see My Domain Redirection Policy).

To rebuild your Salesforce source following a refresh of the instance ho

  1. From the Salesforce notification, identify the date and time at which the move is scheduled.

  2. In Salesforce:

    1. Prior the instance refresh, redirect traffic to a domain of your choice by implementing the My Domain feature (see My Domain and My Domain Redirection Policy).

      In the My Domain Settings section, ensure you select the Redirected to the same page within the domain option.

    2. Ensure you perform all tasks from the pre-instance and post-instance refresh checklists (see Instance Refresh Maintenance).

  3. In the Coveo Cloud Administration Console, as soon as possible after confirming that your Salesforce instance refresh is completed, rebuild your Salesforce source(s) to update item clickable URIs (sysclickableuri field values) and therefore prevent broken Salesforce item links in search results (see Rebuild a Source).

    You can also ensure that a scheduled source refresh will take place following your Salesforce instance refresh completion (see Modify a Source Schedule).

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