Adding a Salesforce Source

You can index Salesforce content using three types of sources covering different objects and fields. Using different Salesforce source types is needed because indexing various types of Salesforce objects and files requires different configuration.

Source type Indexed content Secured Incremental refresh
  • Standard and custom objects and fields.

  • Optionally, Chatter FeedComment and FeedItem objects related to other objects.

Fully supported

Salesforce Knowledge
  • Knowledge Types and Categories

  • Multi-lingual knowledge articles

Not supported for deleted items

Salesforce Content
  • Document libraries

Not supported for deleted items

When indexed objects or fields are renamed or deleted in Salesforce, in your Coveo Organization, the configuration of your Salesforce source becomes invalid. You must start a refresh (incremental or full) by modifying the source refresh schedule or rebuild the source in your Coveo Organization to take account of these changes (see Modify a Source Schedule and Rebuild a Source).