2017-11-18 Update

Coveo Relevance Cloud

Query Pipeline Query Parameters

You can now control and fine-tune search parameters of your Coveo organization in the Administration Console, without modifying your search interface code. You can also selectively change parameters based on the pipeline used and by leveraging conditions.

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Coveo On-Premises Crawling Module (Beta)

The Coveo On-Premises Crawling Module lets you crawl on-premises content to make it searchable in a Coveo-powered search page. Customers that can’t open an inbound port in their firewall for the Coveo cloud-hosted crawlers to access their on-premises content are the typical Crawling Module users. Since the Crawling Module is still a beta product, several enhancements are to be expected in subsequent releases.

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Find Your Organizations

When logging in to a Coveo organization using single sign-on, you must provide the ID of the desired organization. However, since this information is available after logging in, you might not know your organization ID. Clicking Don’t know your organization ID? on the single sign-on login page lets you enter your email address and receive an email listing all the organizations using single sign-on to which you have access.

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New Salesforce Source Customization Options

Two new Salesforce source customization options are now available. When adding or editing a Salesforce source, you can decide to change what’s indexed as the body of your object. You can also decide which field an object should use in your result templates as a clickable title.

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