Review Events Related to Specific Coveo Administration Console Resources

The Coveo Administration Console Activity panel shows events related to a Coveo Cloud feature. Members of the Administrators, Content Managers, and Relevance Managers built-in groups can use the panel for troubleshooting purposes.

Access the “Activity” Panel

The Activity panel can be displayed for several Administration Console features. See access instructions on the corresponding feature page:

Filter Activities by Date

The Activity panel may show several pages of events for Coveo Cloud features (e.g., source, fields, security identities, etc.). Filtering activities by date might help you when looking for a specific activity.

In the Activity panel, in the Action bar, click the time window to open a date picker dialog (see Access the “Activity” Panel):

  • Click a start date and an end date in the calendar.


  • Click Last 10 minutes, Last hour, Last 12 hours, Last day, Last week, or Last month to apply the specified time window.

  • Click Apply to apply your time window choice and close the date picker dialog.

  • By default, the panel shows the activities that occur in the last 24 hours.

  • All activities logged during the current calendar year are available for review.

  • Next to the Select a start date and Select an end date boxes, you may click Set-to-Now to apply the current date and time to the corresponding box.

Browse Activities

When over 10 activities are displayed, you might have to browse through them to find what you’re looking for. To do so, you can:

  • Show more activities on the page (default is 10). At the lower-left corner of the page, click 100 to show more rows.

  • In the lower-right corner, use the pager or the Next and Previous links to navigate to other pages and see older activities.

Cancel a Pending Activity

When an activity is scheduled, but pending because another activity is ongoing, you can cancel the pending activity, such as if you start a source rebuild twice by mistake (see Refresh, Rescan, or Rebuild Sources).

  1. In the Activity panel, in the activity list, optionally filter activities by date (see Access the “Activity” Panel and Filter Activities by Date). Then, click the pending activity that you want to abort.

  2. In the Action bar, click Cancel.


In the Activity panel, you can review the following information:

  • Started column

    • Activity start time

      When hovering the Started column, a precise time stamp of the activity (if started) appears (e.g., Tue, Dec 8, 2015, 1h15 PM).

    • Dot status color meaning:

      Dot status color Activity state
      Gray (with animation) Ongoing
      Gray (no animation) Aborted
      Green Completed successfully
      Yellow Paused
      Red Completed, but failed
  • Resource Type column

    Feature type impacted by the activity.

    Source, Field, Extension, etc.

  • Activity column

    Activity logged.

    Provisioning wait, Rescan, Edit, Addition, Deletion, etc.

  • Result column

    Current status or result of the activity.

    Successful, Failed, Aborted, etc.

  • Resource column

    Display name of the resource impacted by the activity.

    If the Resource column is empty, more than one resource was impacted by the corresponding activity. Click (Expand to expand an activity and show all impacted resources (see Expanded activity).

    For example, when all fields in an organization are synchronized, all their names appear in under Field names.

  • Triggered by column

    • Action which, as a side effect, triggered the activity

    • Scheduled activity

    • Email of the user that manually performed the activity.

      When Coveo Support performs an activity in your organization, Coveo Specialist is displayed.

  • Expanded activity

    Click Expand to expand an activity and show details.

  • Last update

    The last time the Activity panel was updated appears at the bottom right of the panel.

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