Coveo Index Items

A Coveo index item corresponds to one element extracted from an original repository and made searchable in Coveo search interfaces. A Coveo index item appears as one search result in a Coveo search interface (unless it is folded under another type such as comments items folded under their parent post item). Depending on the original repository, a Coveo index item can be a Microsoft Office document, an email, a case, an account, etc.

The following table lists what a Coveo index item can be for sources based on different connectors. See also Supported File Formats.

Source connector Items
Amazon S3 Buckets, Objects (folders and files)

Box (personal)

Box Business

Enterprises, Users, Folders, Files, Web links

Confluence Cloud

Confluence Self-Hosted

Spaces, Pages, Blog posts, Comments, Attachments
Database Local database items

Google Drive (personal)

Google Drive for Work

Files, Folders, User profiles

Dropbox (personal)

Dropbox Business

Teams, Accounts, Files (files and folders)

Exchange Online (personal)

Exchange Online enterprise

Emails, Attachments, Events
File Files shared on a network
Generic REST API Depends on the indexed content

Gmail (personal)

Gmail for Work

Emails, Attachments

Jira Software Cloud

Jira Software Self-Hosted

Issues, Comments, Attachments, Work logs

Jive Cloud

Jive Server

Communities (Spaces), Social groups (Groups), Projects, People, Direct messages (requires Coveo plugin), Documents (private and public), Discussions (private and public), Blog posts, Announcements, Polls, Comments, Attachments, Ideas (private and public), Videos (private and public)
Lithium Community, Categories, Boards, Discussions (Threads and Conversations) including topics (texts and products), Replies (Answers, Comments, and Reviews), Messages (Posts), Message attachments
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Accounts, Appointments, Articles, Article comments, Campaigns, Cases, Contacts, Contracts, Emails, Faxes, Goals, Invoices, knowledge articles, Leads, Letters' Marketing lists, Notes, Opportunities, Orders, Phone calls, Products, Queue items, Quote, Sales literature, Services, Social profiles
OneDrive for Business List folders, list items, and list item attachments.
Push Each unique pushed item
RSS RSS feeds (Channels), RSS items
  • (Standard and custom) Objects, Fields (Service Cloud)

  • Feed items, Files (Chatter)

  • Articles, Attachments (Knowledge base)

  • Binary files (CRM content)

SharePoint Online

SharePoint Server

SharePoint Online legacy

Tenants, Web applications, Site collections, Sites, User profiles, Personal websites, Lists, List items, List item attachments, Document libraries, Document sets, Documents, Web parts, Microblog posts, Replies

All files, pages, or documents under:

  • sitecore/content

  • Library/Files

  • added or modified roots

Sitemap All items listed in the sitemap file (pages, images, videos, attachments...)
Twitter Users, tweets, lists, and collections
Web Web pages, Attachments
YouTube Videos, Channel playlists, Playlist items
Zendesk Organizations, users, groups, tickets, articles, article comments, ticket and article attachments