Adding an RSS Source

You can add regularly changing web content to your Coveo Cloud organization. Coveo indexes RSS feed content to make it searchable by all members of the Coveo Cloud organization. An RSS source starts an incremental refresh every 15 minutes to index RSS feed content changes (addition or modification). A source rebuild or full refresh is required to take account of deleted items (see Managing Your Coveo Cloud V1 Organization Sources).

With RSS feeds, you easily stay informed by receiving the latest content from the websites you are interested in. The availability of old and new RSS feed items depend on the RSS feed configuration contained in an XML file.

  • If the XML feed file contains OpenSearch information, your RSS source uses it to index all available items in the feed as far in the past as possible (see OpenSearch).

  • If the XML feed file does not contain OpenSearch information, the RSS source does not retrieve old feed items, only new ones that are published.

  • The incremental indexing process of RSS sources keeps items in your source even when they are filtered out of the RSS feed as new items are published. The filtered out RSS feed items are however deleted from the source when you perform a rebuild or a full refresh of the source (see Managing Your Coveo Cloud V1 Organization Sources).

A technological website RSS feed is configured to only provide the last 100 articles. Previous articles are not accessible. When you create, rebuild, or full refresh your RSS source, you get the 100 last RSS articles available on this site at this time. The next day, five articles come in so at the end of the day your source contains 105 articles. Six months later, it may contain a thousand articles as long as you do not rebuild or full refresh the source in which case it will only contain the 100 last articles.

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