Organizing Components Within a Search Result Template Grid With the JavaScript Legacy Interface Editor

Coveo for Salesforce 2.3 - July 2015 

Coveo for Salesforce 1.0.901 - June 2015 

Coveo JavaScript Search Framework 1.0.20 - July 2018 

In a Coveo JavaScript Search interface, an HTML search result template is made of rows and cells (see HTML Result Template). You can use the Interface Editor to easily drag-and-drop components into the appropriate cells to design your template.

To organize components within a search result template grid

  1. In the JavaScript Search Interface Editor, select the template that you want to modify (see Choosing the JavaScript Search Result Template to Modify With the Legacy Interface Editor).

  2. In the Interface Editor, review the available Components that your can drag-and-drop into a search result template cell.


    Select the Advanced Mode check box to see more components.

  3. Perform any of the following actions:

    • Add a component to a cell

      In the Interface Editor, click a component and drag over the template grid and drop it in the desired cell.

      When there is already one or more component in the destination cell, you can drop the new component before, after or between existing components.

    • Delete a component from a cell

      1. In the template grid, select the component to delete.

      2. In the Interface Editor, click Delete, and then Sure?.

    • Move a component from one cell to another

      In the Interface Editor, simply drag and drop the component from its current cell to the target cell.

  4. In the search result template preview, validate that your change appears as desired.