Reviewing Coveo Search Alert Digest Emails

After setting search alerts in a Coveo JS Search page, authenticated users will receive email notifications if changes occur in the queries or items the users follow (see Managing Search Alert Subscriptions in Coveo JavaScript Search Pages and Understanding the Search Alerts Email Workflow).

  • The following topic refers to the search alert template that comes out-of-the-box in Coveo Cloud administration console. The email notification you receive might have a different title and body. In the Coveo Cloud V1 administration console, you can modify the email template and the subscription cancellation page (see Managing Your Coveo Cloud V1 Organization Settings).

  • By default, email notifications can contain up to 250 new or updated items for each query subscription.

To review Coveo Search Alert digest emails

  1. In your email application, open the email received from Coveo with the Coveo Search Alert Digest subject.


  2. In the email you can:

Open items in their original system

Under Followed query [query] returned new or updated items OR Followed item(s) that changed, click the title of the item you want to review.

Manage search alerts

  • To edit or delete search alert subscriptions:

    1. Click the manage your Coveo Search Alerts link at the bottom of the email.

    2. In the Manage Coveo Search Alerts page that appears, for each alert, you can:

      • Select the notification frequency

        In the When column, click the drop-down menu, and then select one of the following values: Monthly, Daily, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

        Email notifications are sent at 8:00 PM UTC.

      • Stop receiving notifications

        In the Action column, click Stop Following.

        You can click Follow to cancel. Otherwise, once you quit the page, the unfollowed item or query disappears.

  • To delete all search alert subscriptions, click the cancel all your alerts and stop receiving emails link.

    You are redirected to a page confirming your subscription cancellation.