Managing Permission Filters

You can use the Analytics section of the administration console navigation menu to create permissions filters when you want to specify the usage analytics data usage analysts can review in reports (see Who Can Perform the Page Actions).

You want your support agents to only review analytics data that are relevant to their department and only from their city of operations so you add two permission filters, one that states the origin of the analytics data they can review and another that specifies the events relevant to your support department.

Permissions filters can be assigned to any user, renamed, modified, and deleted at any time.

  • Permissions filters are applied in reports, usage analytics data exports, and in the Visit Browser (in which the filters can behave differently – see Reviewing User Visits With the Visit Browser).

  • Permission filter effects are added together, meaning that the more permission filters you assign to a user, the less usage analytics data they can review on. In case of conflict between two permission filters (e.g., Country is Canada and City is New-York), no data is returned in the report, data export, or Visit Browser.

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