Reviewing User Visits With the Visit Browser

You can use the Visit Browser in the administration console navigation menu to search and browse user visits (see Who Can Perform the Page Actions). The Visit Browser can be used for various purposes such as validating an implementation from a quality assurance perspective or making sure that all events are logged properly.

The Visit Browser provides a way to first select visits that meet some criteria (for instance, find all visits in which a case deflection happened) then see each individual visit where all the events in the order they occurred in those visits are displayed.

  • By default, the Visit Browser shows 10 visits per page and 250 events per visit. However, all events that occurred in the visits are available when you export the visit data (see Export Visit Data That Meet Your Criteria).

  • Permission filters act as inclusion filters if at least one event during a user visit matches the filter. It is thus not recommended to use permission filters to filter out user visits (see Add Filters to Narrow the Visits Down to Only Those You Want and Managing Permission Filters).

    The permission filter Custom Event Value is not Case Deflection will still show visits in which a case deflection occurs if another custom event was performed during those visits.

    You should instead use exclusion filters to filter out visits containing specific events (see Exclusion Filters).

  • You cannot remove events from a visit, either the visit contains an event that match the specified criteria or the visit is filtered out.

  • The Visit Browser is updated live to show the latest visits.

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