Inspecting Items With the Content Browser

The Content Browser is a full-width search interface designed to help administrators review and troubleshoot the indexed content of their Coveo organization. The search interface offers familiar features such as a search box with facet item suggestions, facets, and a filter summary making it easier to find items. The search interface also offers the additional Indexed Date sorting option and search result templates that present useful troubleshooting information.

When a query doesn’t match any existing query pipeline rules in your organization, the Content Browser uses the default pipeline configuration (see Set a query pipeline as the default one). You can always force the Content Browser to use a specific pipeline (see Test a pipeline in the Content Browser).

You have a rule in a query pipeline that applies when matching a specific query and that exact query is performed, then the Context Browser uses that pipeline instead of the default one.

To inspect items with the Content Browser

  1. If not already done, log in to your Coveo organization.

  2. In the navigation bar on the left, under Search Content, select Content Browser.

  3. On the Content Browser page:


    • Search for an item

      Use the search box, facets, and sorting options to locate an item to inspect.

    • Review the attributes of the item in its search result

      You can click the Show Fields/Hide Fields link to toggle the display of the list of field names and values set on an item.

    • Browse all the content of your Coveo organization index

      In the Content Browser search results list, users only see source items they’re authorized to see, respecting item permissions and preventing the disclosure of potentially sensitive content (see Adding and Managing Your Coveo Cloud V1 Organization Sources).

      When your user is a member of the Admin role (see Coveo Cloud V1 Organization User Roles), by default you will also see only search results for source items you’re authorized to see. This means that it’s possible that you don’t see some items of a source and even entire sources. However, as an administrator, you can troubleshoot search issues by temporarily bypassing these permissions as follows:

      1. On the right side of the search box, click Settings, and then select Preferences.

      2. Activate the Enable full access mode option.

      Validate if additional items are returned.

      If you leave and come back to the Content Browser page, the Enable full access mode option will always be turned off by default.

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