How is the Coveo Cloud Index Encrypted?

As a Coveo Cloud customer, your Coveo Cloud organization index is encrypted respecting the following principles depending on the type of content:

  • Solution credentials

    Hashed and salted following industry standards.

  • Service credentials, certificates, and keys

    When applicable, any data store on hosts is encrypted at file level or stored in a vault secured for that purpose.

  • Customer Data

    Encrypted at rest whether it contains protected health information (PHI). Minimum cipher parameters are AES-256 to ensure maximum encryption security.

  • Communication

    All external communications use industry-accepted encryption standards to protect the transmission of customer data or confidential information. Communications during transmissions use at least a 128-bit SSL certificate and 2048-bit RSA public keys. Private network communication is encrypted or not depending on data in transit and its associated risk.

What’s Next?

Review how Coveo policies on security (see How Does Coveo Secure My Data and Services?).